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Handy Bluetooth Scanner by SocketMobile

Handy Bluetooth Scanner by SocketMo…

9 years ago admin
At the recent RBTE show (Retail Business Technology Expo) in London I saw the Socket Mobile Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) Bluetooth barcode scanners for the first time. I couldn’t help but think, when I…
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9 years agoHandy Bluetooth Scanner by SocketMo…
Revamp your space with a digital 'feature' wall

Revamp your space with a digital ‘feature’ wall

9 years ago Amanda
Digital walls are being recognised as an effective way to provide an enhanced shopping experience. B…
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9 years agoRevamp your space with a digital ‘feature’ wall
What do consumers want from the Internet of Everything?

What do consumers want from the Internet of Everyt…

9 years ago Amanda
According to a recent survey by Cisco – ‘customers want a convenient, contextually relevant shopping…
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9 years agoWhat do consumers want from the Internet of Everyt…
Cash Still King With Millenials

Cash Still King With Millenials

8 years ago admin
It’s becoming more and more important to really understand how consumers are paying for things, especially in the retail sector, so that businesses can ensure they remain up to date with how their cus…
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8 years agoCash Still King With Millenials
Apple Pay dominates US contactless payments

Apple Pay dominates US contactless payments

9 years ago Amanda
Apple Pay is dominating contactless payments in the US, taking two thirds of the share. For every…
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9 years agoApple Pay dominates US contactless payments

Contactless technology is helping to beat cancer sooner.

Cancer Research UK is taking advantage of technology in order to raise funds digitally through its shop windows.

Using a new ‘contactless giving’ technology, the charity can now accept donations from the public as they pass by its stores and interactive windows. £2 can be donated to the charity just by tapping a contactless debit or credit card on the window. Once a donation is made, an interactive screen will show the supporter how their money will be used to fund the charity’s life-saving

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The biggest and next retail technologies

RFID, 3D and omni-channel – the three technology key words that were on retail minds after the National Retail Federation Big Show, that took place in New York just recently.

  • RFID tags in products are being used behind the scenes to track stock and improve inventory accuracy by both Macy’s the US department store and Lululemon the sportswear brand. The tool is helping the retailers to ensure that all products are sold and upping sales figures as a result. Meanwhile elsewhere the technology is also being used front of house by footwear specialist Uggs as a means of boosting in-store experience. RFID enabled mats are able to rely additional product information to customers when a product is placed upon them.
  • 3D technology is helping Tesco’s F&F clothing line to improve its design methods by way of 3D virtual prototyping, which helps clothes to fit better.  Product returns are now going down. Tesco is also due to test image recognition technology that will check if a shelf is stacked correctly and take the pressure off of staff that would usually have to check manually. Now they can just take a picture and await feedback.
  • Omni-channel is seeing growth in two particular directions – integrated shopping scenarios like click and collect, and the use of digital experiences in store.

In addition five other stand out technology innovations were also noted at the show:

  1. The Cicret Bracelet – wearable technology that when developed should take the place of a smart phone by projecting a virtual, touch screen onto the user’s wrist.
  2. Samsung Gear – a virtual reality headset that will bring the high street stores to you, in the home, work place or while on the move.
  3. 3D printed headphones – an example of personalised products, in this case a set of headphones that fit the wearer’s ears.
  4. The HAPIfork – a Bluetooth fork that tracks that speed at which the user eats their food, encouraging slower eating habits, which are better for you.
  5. Smart toothbrush – a clever toothbrush that works with an app to time how long a user brushes their teeth and any hot spots they might of missed.

Going forward technology will continue to influence members of the retail industry as they strive to provide the most innovative and seamless shopping experiences. In the area we can expect to see the following five technology trends according

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La Tasca uses mobile app to boost guest experience

La Tasca, the Spanish tapas bar and restaurant, is launching a loyalty mobile application in efforts to up guest experience and meet with expectation.

Initially the new app will offer exclusive offers to customers in the same way that the previous traditional loyalty card would. However, in time the app will also allow guests to make pre-payments on bookings through La Tasca’s new booking system Nudge, which manages reservations, loyalty rewards and secure transactions.

James Picton, Operations

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Memory mirrors are trending in fashion stores

US fashion retailer, Neiman Marcus, is using a digital mirror to give shoppers the ultimate fitting room experience at its store in Walnut Creek, California.

The MemoryMirror from MemoMi, is actually a 70” digital screen with recording capability. It records the customer as they try on each outfit and plays back the footage to allow them to compare in real time.

The innovative digital mirror is self operated by the customer who uses an iPad as a controller to record as many outfits as they wish

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What in store technologies are retailers buying for 2015?

Payment terminals/kiosks, digital signage, tablets, and traditional and mobile point-of-sale (PoS) hardware and software are the key purchases that retailers will be making in 2015.

According to RIS News, Store systems study 2015 that looks at retail technology spend trends, retailers plans to increase store IT are down on last year’s figures, but still on the agenda with traditional PoS remaining on top, but also declining. In addition to the retail technologies listed, an increased number of

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