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Archive / October, 2013

Cloud to double revenue and become the bulk of IT spend

As the use of cloud computing continues to grow, businesses that have adopted and stuck with the technology are now reporting to see the benefits.

According to a study by IBM, companies that are taking advantage of cloud computing are reporting a massive monetary reward of almost double revenue and profit growth. Using cloud to manage big data analytics, collaboration and customer relationship management are believed to be the key to this success.

The global study formed from of over 800 enterprise

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From rags to retail with Vend POS

 In 2010 two women in Singapore launched a fashion boutique ‘Nana & Bird’ from their apartment as an invitational pop-up store. They didn’t expect that 3 years later they would have two brands and three stores, with definitive plans to take over the world.

Nana and Bird was born simply out of two people’s love of shopping, Georgina Koh ‘Nana’ and Chiew Ling, ‘Bird’, with not an IT or retail expert insight. Doing things in an unconventional way, mostly due to lack of funds

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iPad – A tidy way to do retail POS

Retail and cloud technology have been courting for some time now, and as stores catch on to the mobile phenomenon they afford, we are seeing more and more great examples of innovative point-of-sale (POS). Vend customer Ali McIntosh, of Tessuti luxury gifts and homewares is just that, running her business with handheld, mobile devices powered by the cloud. We found out why she decided to free her store from the constraints of a traditional POS and front counter.

Ali introduced an iPad POS system

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Vend tells us how it brings delight to retailers

Vend was founded by software developer and tech enthusiast Vaughan Rowsell in 2010. Vaughan looked around at the retail software friends and clients were using and was stunned as it still looked and behaved like it was written with Foxpro, the text based programming language of the 80’s. Inspired by the elegance and functionality of a cloud-based accountancy software called Xero, he decided it was time to move point-of-sale to the cloud.

Vend sees the cloud as the future, offering retailers a

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Cybertill talks of seamless retail channel management

In 2001, Ian Tomlinson, Founder of Cybertill recognised retailers’ needs for an internet based electronic point of sale (EPOS) solution, as it would help them manage their stores and ecommerce sites collectively. He made the decision to move away from traditional systems and delivered the world’s first cloud based EPOS system.

Adrian Mills, Marketing Manager of four years at Cybertill, tells us just what it’s got going for it and how it’s managed to corner a section of the EPOS market with

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