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Hospitality EPoS

EPoS systems are particularly well suited to use in the hospitality industry and they have been extensively developed to meet the needs of specific uses in hospitality.

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Leisure

Restaurant EPoS

Restaurant EPoS systems work to speed up the order flow between different working parts of the restaurant. They provide a faster and more reliable interface between the server and the kitchen (with orders being directly routed to the right place). Instructions are printed out clearly in the most appropriate place, helping to speed up service to customers. At the same time, by reducing the needs of waiters to run backwards and forwards giving orders to the kitchen - your staff have more time to spend looking after your customers. Meanwhile simple tasks like providing a bill are dealt with in seconds, no more calculator required! For business owners, you have information at your fingers tips on how different parts of your business are performing, how certain menu items are performing and how different members of staff are doing. You can react to this information where necessary to improve your business.

Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs

EPoS systems provide a number of solutions to these environments. They allow speedy customer service while ensuring pricing consistency. Allowing you to make more sales and help keep your customers happy. Meanwhile they provide a very robust method of accounting for payments. As a business owner you can assign different staff to different terminals, make them responsible for their own cash drawers and quickly highlight any problems within your business. At the same time, your EPoS system is constantly gathering data on your customers behaviour. At a glance you can see how promotions are doing, keep track of stock to assist with your ordering and get general information on your business performance. From single locations to huge estates EPoS systems provide vital business information, while providing solutions to the unique challenges of dealing with customers in a fast, cash based environment.

Hotel EPoS

In a hotel environment EPoS helps to integrate and record guest activity in all parts of your hotel in real time. From the largest resort hotels with multiple restaurants and bars to small boutique hotels - EPoS handles the challenge of billing the right customer and keeping of track of their spend. At the same time, the general information being collected on occupancy, sales in different areas of the business and staff performance is invaluable to management. Detailed reporting allows management to drill down into the performance of different areas of the business from macro to micro.

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