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A guide to EPOS systems that every fashion store must have

Does your fashion store need a technology makeover? Find out with this guide to all the latest, fabulous EPoS features and benefits hitting the streets today.

A fashion expert is 'in the know' and setting trends with the latest fashion to hit the catwalk, right? But, is this ambition and expectation limited to the stock that you display in-store? No, because your shop front is your stage and that includes the technology within it.

Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) systems for today’s fashion stores are smooth, sleek and on-point when it comes to meeting with the fast changing demands of both the consumer and fashion store buyer. Positive customer experiences through effective store procedures, are the driving force behind increased sales and reduced running costs, and EPoS systems are proven to implement these changes while also highlighting further opportunities through comprehensive reporting. Up till know you may have relied on an intuitive feeling about what sells and what doesn't - no more, your EPoS system will provide easy to understand, actionable reports on your best selling products.

As with most technology these days, an EPoS system is easy to use, neat to set up in your environment and adaptable to your requirements. They are designed as a complete package that integrates with front of house, warehouse and back office, to deliver a wealth of benefits that save on time and money while enhancing revenue and insight.

We love these customer and store friendly features :

For the customer

  • Product lookup
    Create a convenient shopping experience with a self service information kiosk that provides instant product assistance in scanning and looking up an item’s price, colour, size and count availability.
  • Multiple methods of payment
    Welcome customers to spread their payment and avoid them leaving empty handed, by offering multiple methods of payment such as cash and debit/credit cards, or gift vouchers and store cards; several different payment types can be used in one transaction.
  • Shop now, take home later
    Your customers can always treat themselves to a purchase in your store if you give them the chance to pay by instalments. They leave a deposit, pay off the item later and then take it home. This is particularly popular across the international retail industry.
  • Store cards
    Get to know your customers and create a comprehensive database with the well-loved store card that allows customers to purchase items on account and pay later. Not only is this a great way to maintain your customer base, but you can also use captured details for targeted marketing.
  • Loyalty scheme
    Set up your own customer loyalty scheme and reward your best customers with discounts or vouchers that will keep them coming back and feeling good about your store.

For the store

  • Upselling
    Improve your staff’s service level and increase sales by displaying on-screen messages of complimentary products while they serve customers.
  • Gift vouchers and credit notes
    Print vouchers and credit notes in-store; each one is generated with a unique, secure barcode so it can’t be re-used or forged.
  • On the spot price adjustments
    Re-price a customer’s purchase and record the seller and reason why, all while serving them at the till and without delaying the transaction.
  • Orders & reservations
    An item not in stock? No worries, on behalf of your customer you can request an item to be specifically sent to your store or you can reserve an item once the next delivery arrives. When the item comes in your system will alert and provide you with the customer’s details.

Behind the scenes

  • DIY Product labels
    Create barcoded labels for every stock item. Each label can include the product description, size and price; simply print and attach the label to your product and its ready for sale.
  • Ordering
    Easily place, track, book-in and automatically re-order product purchases made with your suppliers.
  • Stock
    Control your stock levels through up to the minute records of products by category, style, colour and size. See real time sales and instant stock adjustments made through binned, returned, exchanged or transferred stock.
  • Secure cashier
    Keep your system secure with unique operator logins and controlled access levels. Define individual or group settings so that only those who are authorised can carry out certain functions.
  • Reports
    Review your store’s activity with a comprehensive suite of management reports: stock purchases, accounts & finance, staff actions & admin, customer data, sales stats, stock and supplier documents.

Check out these must have benefits : and some other stuff that i need thsi line to grow higher

  • Boost revenue
    Improved processes and insightful reporting combine to maximise your store’s revenue through augmented sales, time saving, revised staff requirements, raised customer satisfaction levels and future planning.
  • Free up hours
    Tighten back office, shop front and warehouse procedures with automated and mobile technology so that typically time consuming chores are carried out with minimal time and effort. Now you’ve got time to apply focus elsewhere.
  • Happy shoppers
    EPoS systems exist to meet with the customers’ needs, because an intuitive, convenient and hassle free shopping experience drives sales and increases the average transaction value.
  • Polished staff
    Familiarise your employees with the sales generating tools of an EPoS system and watch their confidence and enthusiasm soar.  A positive staff member, who knows how to sell, can only sell more.
  • Calm queues
    Automated till operations are so quick and simple that sales and returns queues can now resemble a steady stream, rather than the feared tidal wave of customers that leave staff hitting the panic button and potential sales walking out.
  • Remote reporting
    Manage in a way that suits you, with unlimited data available to you 24/7 and accessible from anywhere. Decisions happen quicker, when the stats are a click away.
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