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Dry Cleaning EPoS

Dry Cleaning EPoS systems are particularly sophisticated. The need to keep track of customer inventory, the need to price accurately and the ability to get management reports is vital to a well run business. An EPoS system manages your inventory and helps with CRM (customer relationship management). It also means that you can for the first time start building up a database of all your customers - which is ultimately where the real value of your business is. Used intelligently, EPoS pays for itself quickly and can help you improve your dry cleaning business.

Benefits of a Dry Cleaning EPoS System

Lost Tickets - Dry Cleaners know only too well how much time is wasted in the search for lost tickets. For non-computer based ticketing systems, you have no option but to manually search through your stock - wasting both your time and that of your customer. A drycleaning EPoS system instantly alleviates that problem. Your EPoS system knows exactly what stock you have, who it belongs to and where it is stored It's simply a case of finding the customer in your EPoS system and getting their order number.

Pricing - It's important to have an easy, accurate way of pricing items. A dry cleaning EPoS is invaluable in getting consistent pricing from different members of staff and if you have multiple locations, from each of your shops. It can help you charge appropriately for different items, offer additional services on the counter and ensure transparent, consistent pricing.

Production Planning - Your EPoS can quickly tell you what your production commitments are like. So rather than guess when you can get something ready for, at a glance you can see how many items you've already promised for each day. This helps match your production capabilities with your customer requirements. It goes a long way to ensuring you won't disappoint your customers with dry cleaning not being ready.

Collection & Delivery - Managing the deliveries to multiple customers is instantly aided with a well-featured EPoS system. You can setup when you want to visit customers, produce delivery notes that detail all your deliveries and collections for a particular day and plan your journeys in the most efficient way. Your EPoS system can also keep track of who owes you what.

Credit Card Processing - This can be integrated with your EPoS system, allowing you to automatically bill your collection and delivery customers and keep track of who owes you what. For a busy dry cleaners, it means you can concentrate on your business and let your EPoS system keep track of your cashflow. Automatic billing of an entire batch of credit card transactions (triggered, for example, when barcoded jobs are scanned as "ready") can save many valuable hours each week.

Management Reports - The ability to accurately see how your business is behaving is invaluable. You can quickly find out which customers haven't been in for a while and use that information to win them back, either with a phone call or direct mail. It's a great resource both for determining how your business is doing and for facilitating marketing to improve your business.

Promotions and Coupons - Your EPoS system can produce precisely targeted coupons and vouchers at virtually no cost to help increase your sales and profits. Want to run a special offer based on individual customer behaviour? No problem, you can get your EPoS system to help with the marketing of less popular services and get your customers to start using them.

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