What in store technologies are retailers buying for 2015?

DSC_0008Payment terminals/kiosks, digital signage, tablets, and traditional and mobile point-of-sale (PoS) hardware and software are the key purchases that retailers will be making in 2015.

According to RIS News, Store systems study 2015 that looks at retail technology spend trends, retailers plans to increase store IT are down on last year’s figures, but still on the agenda with traditional PoS remaining on top, but also declining. In addition to the retail technologies listed, an increased number of retailers also expect to increase their budgets surrounding omni-channel functions, in particular mass merchants and department stores. Retailers estimate that IT spending for omnichannel will outpace store system spending by a 2:1 margin.

A major finding of the study is that nearly two-thirds of retailers anticipate having their future POS architecture consist of a distributed order management system with a POS front-end. With the rise of omni-channel services many retailers are recognising the need for a commerce engine that merges online and in-store transactions with a POS front-end, and they are basing this solution on a distributed order management (DOM) model. The DOM model is favoured, because it is able to manage both data and processes, so that customer orders are fulfilled no matter what channel they came through. In addition it can work with a wide variety of front end POS whether it is in store, online, mobile of a call centre. Right now the study has found that that nearly one- quarter of retailers already have a DOM-based system in place with the figure expected the rise to 50% by the end of 2015.

Leading the desire for all this high-end retail technology is the need for a store to continue to provide an exceptional customer experience. Leo Suarez, Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Marketing & Strategy, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, says: “The POS needs to be at the hands of the associates to better serve their customers. With mobility and personalisation, retailers have a great opportunity to build a customer for life. At the end of the day, it comes down to being able to provide the best possible service to each of your customers in a way that is consistent across your brand, and doing so in a differentiated and sustainable way. Through today’s technology, a store can get the associate out on the floor with the customer to boost the brand experience, with added value to the experience by having the right systems in place to make the interaction personal and tailored for each customer.” He adds,For Toshiba, it’s about leveraging technology to transform the shopper’s experience. Retailers already have many POS options today – whether a traditional POS, kiosk, mobile device, or self-check- out – but omni-channel capabilities enable stores to treat customers in similar ways whether they are at home, on the go, or inside a store and with a personalised experience.”