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Cash Still King With Millenials

Cash Still King With Millenials

3 years ago admin
It’s becoming more and more important to really understand how consumers are paying for things, especially in the retail sector, so that businesses can ensure they remain up to date with how their cus…
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3 years agoCash Still King With Millenials
Apple Pay dominates US contactless payments

Apple Pay dominates US contactless payments

4 years ago Amanda
Apple Pay is dominating contactless payments in the US, taking two thirds of the share. For every…
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4 years agoApple Pay dominates US contactless payments
What do consumers want from the Internet of Everything?

What do consumers want from the Internet of Everyt…

4 years ago Amanda
According to a recent survey by Cisco – ‘customers want a convenient, contextually relevant shopping…
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4 years agoWhat do consumers want from the Internet of Everyt…
Handy Bluetooth Scanner by SocketMobile

Handy Bluetooth Scanner by SocketMo…

4 years ago admin
At the recent RBTE show (Retail Business Technology Expo) in London I saw the Socket Mobile Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) Bluetooth barcode scanners for the first time. I couldn’t help but think, when I…
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4 years agoHandy Bluetooth Scanner by SocketMo…
Revamp your space with a digital 'feature' wall

Revamp your space with a digital ‘feature’ wall

4 years ago Amanda
Digital walls are being recognised as an effective way to provide an enhanced shopping experience. B…
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4 years agoRevamp your space with a digital ‘feature’ wall

Top 3 next generation EPoS technologies

Technology is rapidly changing the way we do business, to the point that it can be hard to keep up with the next hot property.

To keep you in the know, we’ve found three new contenders for the up and coming generation of technology:

Tablet jackets Tablets have made an ultra smooth transition into home life and the business world blending seamlessly into the way we operate today. Entertainment, social media, web browsing, one-to-one presentations; and now continuing

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Smart Phone or MPOS tablet for your EPoS System?

What’s the difference between an MPOS tablet or smart phone?

Mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) devices are having a significant impact on the electronic payment industry as they answer the need for more flexible transactions and come with impressive features. Today, permanent and pop-up stores, door-to-door sales and trades people, and even street vendors can easily accept payments via mobile devices.

The advantages make MPOS an easy transition for merchants:

  • Lower total cost of ownership. MPOS devices are cheaper to purchase than PCs and are often offered for free as part of a package deal. In addition many people already own a mobile device which they can use for MPOS.
  • Greater freedom through portability. The merchant is no longer tied down to a limited number of fixed till points to perform transactions and other sales queries.
  • Multi-functional. MPOS devices can easily integrate with existing sales environments to perform many sales and inventory procedures. (Although they can’t necessarily do them all at the same time.) Peripherals like scanners, printers and magnetic card readers can all be added in a mobile or fixed kind.
  • More customer-centric shopping experience. Retailers can deliver a highly flexible checkout option that is more personalised, carried out on the spot and quicker, with far less queues or abandonment too.

But, should you choose a tablet or a smart

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