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Archive / October, 2014

Hiton hotels are going mobile

Hilton Worldwide has put digital technology, specifically mobile devices, top of its loyalty program agenda in order to provide enhanced customer service.

Over the past seven years it has invested more than $500-million on technology upgrades across its 4,000 properties that include 11 Hilton brands in more than 80 countries.

This year has seen Hilton’s HHonors members receive the benefits of mobile-enabled check-in and room selection whereby using their mobile devices, tablets and computers they

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Waitrose targets the ‘transumer’

Technology and convenience are yet again working together to extend a helping hand to the busy consumer.

This time it is Waitrose supermarket providing a flexible shopping service to its customers by offering fully automated, temperature-controlled, grocery Click & Collect lockers across the transport network.

Using a computer, tablet or mobile phone customers will be able to access either the store’s website or app to place orders that will go on to be stored in ambient, chilled and frozen

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Retail in 2015 will be mobile, omni-channel & connected

Retailers following the trends of the industry and any yet to get on the technology band wagon should take note that – mobile is here to stay and connected devices are on the up, if the latest report from leading retailer John Lewis is anything to go by.

The rise of the mobile as a shopping method is reported to be John Lewis’ most significant event this year with omni-channel shopping, mobile EPoS and connected devices close by. It also confirms that the store remains as important as ever

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Wearable technology to boost people MOTs

The potential of wearable technology has recently been recognised by drugstore retailer Lloydspharmacy that is now selling wearable devices in store. The technology will be used as a means to support the customer with their healthcare needs while differentiating the company from its rivals.

Its current devices include a watch and wristband that tracks the users fitness and sleep activity. In addition to the this Lloydspharmacy also plans to create apps that work with the wearable technology to

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Retail technologies for the millennials

The scenes of futuristic movies are fast becoming a reality in today’s digital world and no more so than in retail.

Tools like 3D printing, robots and wearable technology are getting retailers increasingly excited with visions of providing added convenience to their millennial customers through acquired behavioural understanding.

Take Asos for example which right now is investing in innovative technology companies as is prepares for what it calls the technological revolution of the fashion industry

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