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Furniture and homeware retailers can relax with an EPoS System in control.

Let us tell you why in this guide :

Furniture and homeware stores are becoming increasingly popular among consumers with huge stores being built in and around towns nationwide. With giant stores being a relatively new concept, particularly for the multiples, there is now high demand from retailers for a fully comprehensive EPoS system that is suitable for all types of furniture and homeware store.

With a diverse and complicated range of products, furniture and homeware retailers need a flexible, easy to install EPoS system to help with stock control and point of sale. Customer ordering, real time visibility of warehouse stock and a diary module for deliveries are just some of the useful features that an EPoS system can provide.

Retailers can expect EPoS systems for furniture and homeware stores to be function rich and offer the following features :

In store

  • Point of sale
  • EPoS systems are recognised for their intuitive and easy to use nature that makes them simple for all staff to operate. They usually include detailed technical descriptions and images that work to aid sales assistants and also improve levels of customer service.

  • Deliveries
  • EPoS systems make delivering large products to customers hassle free by managing it at the point of sale and planning the delivery time with the customer. The customer is happy knowing their product is coming when convenient to them, and the retailer can confidently deliver the product as scheduled and re-allocate the space in the warehouse.


  • Stock control
  • For furniture and homeware retailers that can’t physically fit all products in store, it is vital to have visibility of all stock across the business. EPoS systems can show staff what is in stock in all stores and the warehouse, so they can pick stock from any location and make a sale.

  • Purchase order processing
  • Automated purchase order processing kicks in when stock levels are low to save the retailer having to action the order manually. The system can access live stock figures, calculate the quantity of product needed, raise orders from suppliers and often sync with accounts.

  • Forecasting and reports
  • Reports such as forecast stock requirements are particularly useful to retailers, so that they may hold the right levels of products throughout the year. Forecasting is a valuable tool for retailers that traditionally experience an influx in sales during certain periods like Christmas. What’s more, reports can show retailers with multi-channels which channel is performing best, so they know the right areas of the business to invest in.

  • Secure Management Tool
  • It’s not uncommon for furniture and homeware retailers to manage high numbers of staff that require varying levels of access at the point of sale. With an EPoS system retailers can easily set up different users and customise their functionality remotely.


  • Multi-channel
  • With an EPoS system retailers can take full control of their business by bringing mail order and e-commerce sales platforms in house, to be managed alongside in store sales.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • EPoS systems can offer one central record for customer information, rather than head office, each store and the warehouse having separate records for each customer. All departments can then view any notes, calls or orders related to a customer.

The benefits of an EPoS system include :

  • Easy to use
  • EPoS systems are designed to be easy to navigate and very intuitive so that the sales process is as straightforward as possible. These means that training can also be kept to a minimum and that staff are able to use the point of sale with confidence.

  • Shorter supply times
  • Orders can be managed so much more effectively through an automated system that retailers often find their supply lines, become shorter and that order fulfilment time is therefore reduced.

  • Reduce warehouse costs
  • Retailers find stock holding to be so much more efficient when they are supported by live stock figures, forecasting and sales reports; they are even able to reduce warehousing costs as they only hold what they need and schedule staff accordingly.

  • Increased customer service levels
  • Between point of sale aids, agreed delivery times and a central CRM tool it doesn’t take long for retailers to be providing customers with a higher level of customer service.

  • More sales opportunities
  • Access to multiple sales channels and 100% stock visibility are key drivers in securing more sales and raising a retailer’s capital.

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