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Run your off licence more efficiently with an epos system

If you’re running an off licence in today’s market, congratulations, you’re obviously doing something right, but could you be doing something better as well? Find out with this guide to EPoS.

We know the supermarket giants are piling on the pressure by offering huge product variety at low prices and as with many of the specialist stores, you’re probably struggling to compete. So, while you congratulate yourself with a well deserved “I’m still open” drink, let’s talk about the Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system and how it can help to maximise your biggest asset – your specialism.

With the support of an EPoS system and it’s many features you can begin to identify the strengths of your store. Convenient wine selector tools and party order services are a window to customer requirements. Combine these with automated stock management and in depth reporting and you can begin to recognise your unique selling points, practice targeted selling, and offer a better shopper experience.

Sound good? Read on…

We think you’ll like these features :

Product control

  • Stock take
    Get real time stock information that identifies items individually or by the case. Electronic measurements will give you accurate numbers for past, present and future counts including flagging breakages and potential thefts.
  • Automated purchasing
    Run periodic stock level checks and send electronic orders to suppliers and wholesalers. The system will only order items that have reached a low count and freeze slow-sellers.
  • Perfect pricing
    Manage itemised pricing quickly and accurately through the system and each product will be allocated a price complete with a realistic margin and barcoded label. For wines and spirits, you can even create unique barcodes for different vintages of the same product.

Customer service

  • Wine selector
    Some off licences are creating a wine specialist tone to their store by investing in electronic wine lists. The interactive lists can be displayed on a kiosk for public use or at the till point for staff assistance. Viewers will be able to access in depth information on the wines you have in stock and match them to complimentary foods or occasions.
  • Promotions
    Easily manage and set up multiple offers on alcohol and snacks, including loyalty based promotions, for your best customers.
  • Celebration orders
    Add value to your customer service by handling the management of the alcohol and glasses for their special occasions. A simple set up of advance bulk ordering with a collection or delivery service will help create loyal customers.
  • Business accounts
    Become the alcohol supplier for local businesses by allowing them to purchase on account with weekly or monthly invoicing.

Business management

  • Age check
    It’s vital that you stick within the law by not serving cigarettes and alcohol to under age customers. For strict compliance the system will alert staff to check and verify specific ID, after which it will inform staff of the correct age for the given birth date.
  • Portable equipment
    Take your data entry to the storeroom and carry out stocktaking and ordering using a convenient hand held terminal. 
  • Staff access rights
    Tighten the security of your system by allocating different levels of authorisation to your staff and assigning unique logins. Now you’ll be able to track shop activity back to an individual employee and identify any patterns in stock and sales figures.  
  • Reports
    The EPoS system reporting tool provides the insight you need to run a successful off licence. Here are some of the reports that your can access for any period, from any remote destination :
    • Purchases and sales
      Find out whether wine, beer or spirit drinks are the better investment by comparing your purchase figures to your sales figures and viewing top sellers.
    • Finance and admin
      Centrally manage all of your back office tasks from invoicing and statements, to staff time sheets and holidays.
    • Customer and supplier
      Access supplier and customer data for timely marketing and business opportunities. Knowing consumer preferences and the latest supplier product offers will enable you to identify potential promotions to reward your customers with, or foresee product demands and where best to purchase.

Raise your glass to these key benefits :

  • Effective management
    Running a business in specialist market is a challenge, especially in the times of the giant competitors, but playing on your specialty may be the route to staying afloat. The EPoS system can give you the extra time, richer functionality and data you need to identify your best asset and strategy for future business.
  • Targeted selling
    Use your EPoS system to run a controlled and targeted product range based on your off licence’s tracked sales information. Why sell all the products under the sun, when you know what the majority of your customers want to buy. Simply stock exactly what appeals to them and become a store they can rely on for their favourite tipple.
  • Improved customer service
    Offering additional specialist services such as custom orders and business accounts raises the profile of your off licence and in turn the satisfaction level of your customers. A strong USP combined with a good product selection that is delivered in a convenient way, makes an appealing package.
  • Insightful staff
    Providing your employees with wine tasting notes through an in house wine selector tool is a simple, yet effective method of both educating staff and impressing customers. If your staff can offer real value, you’re more likely to become a destination shop rather than a top up shop.
  • Increased revenue
    Every aspect of an EPoS system generates more revenue, whether it’s through augmented processes, improved product selection or added customer services, you can expect to see a rise in sales and a cut in costs.

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