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Archive / November, 2014

The marketing power behind digital receipts

Until recently digital receipts have been tied with online purchases for obvious practicalities, but now they are popping up across numerous retail and hospitality outlets.

The thinking behind these e-receipts is three fold: 1 – They are an eco-friendly option. 2 – They are convenient to the tech savvy customer who doesn’t want to carry lots of paper in their wallet and can benefit from a digital record of the transaction. 2 – They are even more convenient to the business owner who

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How to make it personal with technology

Two things seem to be on retailers’ minds these days – personalised shopping and the technology that can deliver it.

There is a balancing act to be had here that must be right in order for the two to successfully work hand in hand. For a business to provide a personalised service it needs to be customer centric while not being overly invasive or equally too self-aware. As technology glistens in the eye of the retailer the challenge is to stay away from the benefit to the business, and to focus

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Making retail ambitions a reality with cloud EPoS

When the founder of SkyStreet Retail improved his business’ retail operations by 40% using his own cloud based PoS & Inventory Retail Management System he wanted to share his retail software solution with his fellow retailers.

In 2006 what started as a vision of developing a better web based software solution for his retail business turned into an enterprise of its own – Retail Express in Australia and SkyStreet Retail in the UK. Aaron Blackman, founder and CEO of both companies explains

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Is there life yet for QR codes and mobile?

QR codes and mobile devices continue to work in partnership to provide an enhanced shopping experience in store and increased customer interaction.

Department and larger scale stores are finding the technology particularly relevant for their customers as a means to direct them to the many products and brands under their one roof. Fashion label, Ralph Lauren, opted for digital technology to support its new Polo line for women at Harrods, London. Shoppers could use their smart phones to scan QR codes

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Smarter delivery of products to customers

Shopping is set to move a futuristic-step further soon with the idea of spending via your home devices fast becoming a reality.

Thanks to the arrival of the internet-of-things, which is considered a natural evolution of the multi-channel marketplace, the technology that can enable your favourite TV cooking show to talk to your fridge that will then talk to your local supermarket, is ready for action. In fact a global report by Capgemini reveals that in terms of future innovation, shoppers agree

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