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Revamp your space with a digital 'feature' wall

Revamp your space with a digital ‘feature’ wall

6 years ago Amanda
Digital walls are being recognised as an effective way to provide an enhanced shopping experience. B…
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6 years agoRevamp your space with a digital ‘feature’ wall
Apple Pay dominates US contactless payments

Apple Pay dominates US contactless payments

6 years ago Amanda
Apple Pay is dominating contactless payments in the US, taking two thirds of the share. For every…
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6 years agoApple Pay dominates US contactless payments
Handy Bluetooth Scanner by SocketMobile

Handy Bluetooth Scanner by SocketMo…

6 years ago admin
At the recent RBTE show (Retail Business Technology Expo) in London I saw the Socket Mobile Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) Bluetooth barcode scanners for the first time. I couldn’t help but think, when I…
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6 years agoHandy Bluetooth Scanner by SocketMo…
What do consumers want from the Internet of Everything?

What do consumers want from the Internet of Everyt…

6 years ago Amanda
According to a recent survey by Cisco – ‘customers want a convenient, contextually relevant shopping…
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6 years agoWhat do consumers want from the Internet of Everyt…
Cash Still King With Millenials

Cash Still King With Millenials

5 years ago admin
It’s becoming more and more important to really understand how consumers are paying for things, especially in the retail sector, so that businesses can ensure they remain up to date with how their cus…
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5 years agoCash Still King With Millenials

Top tips on multi-channel for restaurants, with Bookatable

Today, much of Bookatable’s success lies on its multi-channel strategy.

Mike Wakeling, Product Manager at Bookatable, explained: “One of Bookatable’s main business objectives is to give diners the flexibility of booking restaurants through any device.” Talking to Startups.co.uk, Joe Steele, Bookatable CEO shared how his restaurant booking company successfully expanded across multiple mobile devices and the steps it took to do so. “Expanding the Bookatable platform across multi-channel

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Restaurant bookings made easy with Bookatable

With over 12,000 partners, many restaurant owners will be familiar with the booking service known as Bookatable.

Bookatable is an online restaurant booking platform, offering point-of-sale, website and app services, covering major cities across the UK and Europe, operating in 9 different languages and across 16 countries. In the UK it is used by the likes of Chiquito, Jamie’s Italian, Las Iguanas, Pizza express, and Hilton Hotels and Resorts. Plus a great number of individual restaurant owners.


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Technologies to watch in 2015

2014 wasn’t the year for all technologies and we believe that there are a few contenders that after having a promising start are the ones to watch for 2015.

Technologies to watch in 2015:

This technology is working particularly well alongside mobile devices and apps as a means of promoting additional offers to consumers as well as useful information. Over the year, we saw a few techniques from generic communication to highly targeted messaging.

  • Grocer Waitrose for example used beacon technology with its app for general in-store marketing, providing the store with the opportunity to talk to its customer via their mobile device, typically a smart phone, as they shopped – aiming to improve the shopping experience and customer-store relationship.
  • Where as, department store House of Fraser sent highly targeted information to its customers by placing beacons in mannequins that would activate and send offers to customers’ mobiles as they walked past. The customer was told what the mannequin was wearing and could link to the store’s website to purchase the items online or follow directions to where the items were in store.
  • Meanwhile London’s Regent Street took a more indirect approach by using the technology to share information on its whole shopping environment and the retailers within. Local people and tourists that shopped there. Were told news such as new products, upcoming events and same day only offers.

Interactive mirror Retailers have

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Personalisation is the next step in omni-channel

Businesses, like shops, hotels and restaurants, are frequently advised by industry players to provide their customers with a seamless and consistent experience across all channels.

As a result, in this omni-channel and customer driven world, such demands are now becoming increasingly familiar from consumers too. For a ‘seamless experience’ is what today’s shoppers now expect and without out it, a business may not last until tomorrow.

By rising to this agenda retailers and the like are rewarded

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The oldies, but goodies of 2014

Looking back over 2014 there were a few technologies that held their place in the spotlight across the retail and hospitality sectors, proving their worth of investment.

Our oldies, but goodies of 2014 are:

Interactive table
While more of an old school technology, the interactive table is still making a name for itself as retailers and restaurateurs continue to pick up on its promising digital features and benefits.

  • TakeThomson the holiday store for example that won ‘Digital store of the year’ by using interactive tables to bring holidays to life for its customers. Holiday goers could use the tables to explore the world for holiday destinations, search and find hotels and resorts, plus use ‘mood’ images to find inspirational ideas.
  • Adding entertainment to the mix, restaurant chain Pizza Hut trialled interactive tables that not only allowed guests to build and order their pizza, but while they waited they could also play games.
  • On a similar note, Thomas Pink the fashion retailer used interactive tables for its made-to-order shirt service that allowed customers to design their own shirts choosing the fabric, fit, collar and cuff styles, and then when not in use the screens played brand videos and linked to the retailer’s social media pages as well as providing general store information. 

QR code Its’ been a quieter year fro QR codes compared to some

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