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Why your busy pharmacy needs an EPOS system

If you run a busy pharmacy, that's over flowing with stock and leaving you little time to effectively manage, then this EPoS guide is for you. Let us tell you about the features and benefits that you could be taking advantage of…

With a pharmacy, comes great responsibility in the management a customer’s healthcare products. This alone is a good reason to invest in an Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system. Features like industry updates, smart stock, automated ordering and even robotic dispensers combine to support you with accurate and timely service.

You could say that an EPoS system is a pharmacy’s very own rescue remedy; whether you manage an independent or a group of pharmacies, you will see numerous advantages. The system can be accessed from a specific branch or through a head office and integrated with your existing systems such as accounting and warehousing software. Users do not need to be experienced with technology, as the systems are really simple to use and they have flexible software and hardware capability to suit each individual pharmacy’s requirements. They also come complete with installation and support services.

Designed to push your business forward through central organisation, EPoS systems enable the smooth running of daily operations and highlight key performance indicators for future planning. From the moment you activate it, the system will be working towards driving up profit margins, reducing costs, improving stock management, increasing customer spend and generally raising efficiency of all staff members. But it’s not just your pharmacy that benefits, using an EPoS system will enable you to enhance customer service and better support the health product needs of the local community.

So, what are the features?

To clarify the many features that an EPoS system can bring to a busy pharmacy, we’ve divided the list into 4 useful categories :


  • Total management
    EPoS systems streamline the running of your pharmacy by unifying sales, stock, office admin, customer accounts and finance into one central point of access and control.
  • Remote control
    Comprehensively manage your pharmacy network from head office or in house. Make changes to one branch, a group or all branches.
  • Ease of use
    As some people are more computer literate than others EPoS technology is designed to be straightforward and easy to use.
  • Support
    EPoS providers support you before, during and after installation with nationwide coverage from dedicated engineers who can assist you with all trouble shooting scenarios.


  • Sales care
    Complete access to all sales generating and recording tools including batch numbers, barcodes, labels, serial numbers, expiry dates, goods return, and margin control.
  • Industry updates
    Stay in the know and be forward planning, by receiving product information updates from Chemist & Druggist and major manufacturers.
  • Customer accounts module
    Easy management of customer activity so you can monitor customer spending, order history and payments.
  • Smart stock
    Improve customer care with automated warnings that advise on multiple product sales of the same ingredients. These are safety messages that prevent a user from taking an accidental overdose through their combined medication.
  • Customer loyalty
    Create your own promotions, loyalty voucher and discounted offers across all stock.
  • Customer e-screen
    Introduce a customer facing, electronic screen to enable people to self-access further product information, make product requests or enter prescription orders.
  • Pharmacy Services
    Pharmacists can record and print advice that has been given to the customer while in the pharmacy.
  • Robotic dispenser
    Pharmacies are now able to use electronic dispensers to handle prescriptions. GPs, Practice Nurses and Pharmacists can send prescriptions electronically to a dispenser at a pharmacy. When the 'robot' receives a prescription request, it drops the required packs from the dispenser and transports them via a conveyor system to the delivery point.


  • Product review
    Determine the right stock for your pharmacy and action a full audit trail of customer purchases by viewing a full product history of stock held, the number sold and by whom.
  • Real time stock control
    With all your product data stored within the system, it can recognise which items are out of date, running low, being returned or expired.
  • Automated ordering
    When stock levels need replenishing an EPoS system can automatically place or flag potential orders with all major suppliers and wholesalers.
  • Mobile technology
    Portable, hand held terminals can be provided for on the spot data entry while stocktaking, ordering and receiving goods.


By entering all your business data into an EPoS system you will be able to produce a comprehensive suite of management reports, for period and with to-the-minute accuracy. Such as:

  • Purchases
    See how much and where your pharmacy is spending.
  • Finance
    Create, store and print invoices, statements and credit notes.
  • Admin
    Check your staff attendance, time sheets and holidays.
  • Customer
    Understand your customer life-cycle and how to best serve them.
  • Sales
    Pull of detailed sales and price data to control margins and view top sellers.
  • Stock
    Manage multiple stock of a wide range of items.
  • Supplier
    Record any supplier related documents, as well as agreed trading terms.

Now check out the benefits…

  • Accurate operations
    By using EPoS technology that efficiently tracks data throughout your business, you can avoid costly human errors.
  • Faster through automation
    Get more done in a day simply by speeding up the time it takes you to do something. Serve more customers; order and price more products, and action a report or two.
  • No wastage
    Avoid having to throw out short life stock by using the system to identify items that are due to expire.
  • Performance monitoring
    Focus your time and money on stock that sells fast and delivers a return on capital, by accessing detailed information on best and worst selling products.
  • Customer Care
    As pharmacy processes become more efficient and convenient, customer experience levels go up. Shorter waiting times, more time to serve, the right products on the shelves; it all helps.
  • Cut costs
    The investment you make in an EPoS system is returned to your pocket everyday. A saving may come in insight, speed, extra time, advice and more.
  • Real time business information
    A central inventory means you can quickly and easily, gain real insight into your pharmacy and promptly act on any new findings that you may have missed otherwise.

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