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An EPoS system is a step forward for any footwear retailer looking to improve their business.

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In the past footwear retailers have relied upon the traditional serving practice of rummaging around in a stock room to find a particular pair of shoes, while leaving the customer waiting for several minutes. Fast service was unlikely and the customer didn’t always leave happy with new shoes in hand.

Today, with the advantage of an electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) system and its automated ways, footwear retailers are able to turn their customer service and business procedures around. Accurate and live stock figures, on the spot sales, ordering and transfers at the point of sale, as well as in depth back office reporting will become common practice for a shoe store. So, instead of spending too much time out the back searching for products, staff members can concentrate on the customer and whether the shoe actually fits.

Here are the features on an EPoS system that a footwear retailer will love :

Sales team

  • POS ordering
  • If a retailer doesn’t have a specific size or colour of shoe in stock, rather than turn the customer away, they can order the required product from the warehouse on the spot and still make a sale.

  • Transfers
  • Retailers can see live stock levels across all of their stores over the EPoS system. So, there is no need to call or email stores to check on product availability and arrange a transfer, they can easily action the transfer at the point of sale.

  • Returns
  • Returns are easy to manage and track with an EPoS system. Retailers can see products that have been brought back, including why and when; when they sent it off to the supplier and what returns are still pending and need credit notes.


  • Accurate stock count
  • Footwear is recorded by style, size and colour matrices with counts displayed live across the entire estate of stores and warehouses, to give retailers an in depth and accurate view of their stock for head office reports or in store sales and ordering.

  • Automated purchasing
  • Retailers can automate purchase orders through the EPoS system by using it to recognise low stock levels, flag buying budgets, configure an order and send it to the supplier by email.

  • Reports
  • With in depth reporting retailers can see exactly how well products are selling and make effective decisions regarding ordering in more stock or moving stock to alternative stores that are selling a particular product better.


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer details can be captured at the point of sale to add to the retailer’s database for marketing communications like special offers and mail order catalogues.

  • Loyalty scheme
  • Retailers can set up a loyalty programme based on points, discounts or rewards that runs through a loyalty card or specific customer history.

  • Promotions Management
  • Retailers can use the EPoS system to manage promotions by sales channels, customer types, product categories, and seasons or by any other product type.

Footwear retailers can expect to see many benefits from an EPoS system, such as :

  • Controlled stock room
  • Having an accurate view of stock levels and sales enables retailers to utilise their money and space in the most effective way. The stock room only stores what they are selling and they only purchase what they need.

  • Keep staff on the floor
  • Access to stock from the point of sale prevents the need for staff to constantly check the stock room for products. Instead staff can focus their energies on the customer and encourage more sales.

  • Faster service
  • Staff can serve customers a lot faster by having all the stock information and control they need in front of them at the point of sale; they can also serve more customers too.

  • Improved staff levels
  • Using trading analysis reports retailers can see when their stores are busy or quiet, and as a result they can make sure they have sufficient staffing levels for these periods of trading.

  • Informed management
  • Access to live stock and sales figures enables store managers and head office to make cost effective decisions regarding stock, staff and marketing requirements, and therefore streamline their business processes accordingly.

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