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Archive / September, 2013

iBeacon vs NFC in the battle of mobile payment technology

A new feature called iBeacon, from Apple, is currently causing waves in the industry with fears that it could kill off NFC (near-field communications), the wireless technology associated with mobile payments. iBeacon, introduced as a feature of Apple’s iOS 7, uses Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) to create beacons (small wireless sensors) that alert mobile phone apps when users enter them.

For example, you’re shopping in your favourite store and you walk into an iBeacon zone, in response your smartphone

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It’s a red light for digital payments technology within UK mobile industry

It started well, but now something has gone horribly wrong for digital payment technology within the UK mobile industry according to Dave Birch, director at Consult Hyperion.

Speaking at the Digital Services World Congress in London, Birch spoke about the mistakes made in the development of mobile payments to the point that the mobile payments industry is now grinding to a halt. Complex and expensive payment technologies that are hard to work with are being blamed for the struggle.

According the

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Mobile (NFC) payments driven forward by Visa and Samsung partnership

The time of paying through a mobile phone as the norm got one step closer this week following a deal between Visa and Samsung that will see Visa’s new payment app running on Samsung handsets. Customers will be able to add Visa payment account information via the app and then go on to make contactless payments using their mobile phones.

The companies’ joint support of near field communication (NFC) mobile payments will push the mobile payment technology forward on a global scale after they launch

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Direct debit & credit payments are risky business for retailers

Retailers who rely on automated payments made by direct debit or credit are at risk of losing both money and customers as a result of mistakes made during the initial set up.

Payments made by customers, payments made to suppliers by businesses, and payments made to employees by businesses are among the most common failures within the six billion automated payments that take place in the UK per year.

With each failed payment, retailers are losing their share of the £4.3tn delivered by these automated

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Omni-channel shopping and startups, the way forward says John Lewis

A streamlined shopping process, through multi-channel technology, that delivers superior customer experience is the oath taken by retailers today.

John Lewis, one of the major players within department stores, has shared its thoughts on investing in innovative technology to provide a seamless shopping experience and to keep the UK high street moving forward.

“The fundamental challenge for us is how technology can support us being an omni-channel retailer,” said Sarah Venning, head of IT relationships

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