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Archive / September, 2014

Mothercare to be ‘digitally led’

Mothercare, a bricks and mortar and online retailer of products and services for mothers and children, has announced that becoming ‘digitally led’ is part of its new business strategy.

“Our ambition is for Mothercare to become the leading global retailer for parents and young children,” said Mark Newton-Jones, chief executive. Going on to say: “By modernising and transforming the UK into a digitally-led business supported by a modern store estate we will underpin the growth of the group’s

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Retail technology today, tomorrow

More than ever retailers are looking to technology to improve the customer shopping experience in store and of course their sales.

QR codes, social media, self service kiosks, headphones, iPads, screens, digital mirrors, iBeacons, wifi; the list goes on ranging from the familiar to the futuristic. The idea isn’t necessarily to introduce the most innovative solution, it is to deliver the most effective one that works for all – brand, product and customer.

You can start small by:

  • Combine in store displays with social media and create a display of your top pinned items featured on Pinterest.
  • Enable wifi in store so that customers can access product reviews, make comparisons, or order and buy online.
  • Create an app that activates when customers are nearby or in store that can be used to promote special offers.

Go practical:

  • Bring scan as you shop devices/apps in store to put customers in more control of their purchases and speed up the payment process.
  • Install self service kiosks or staff held mobile point of sale devices that can be used for quick ordering and payments.
  • Introduce iPads in store to allow customers to browse your full product range, or touch screens on the store window to allow passers-by to shop even the store is closed.


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Click and collect transport hubs

Click and collect transport based sites are growing in fashion among the retailers.

Rail and underground tubes stations are now the latest sites that time-short consumers can conveniently collect their online shopping from. In fact using stations as hubs for internet shopping may well be the best option for both the consumer and the retailer as the handy shopping service is upping sales too for some retailers. Asda reports that customers using its click and collect service are shopping twice as

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Gardeners to benefit from EPoS

Garden centre retailers continue to recognise the benefits of EPoS systems in helping them to provide sufficient product information.

With many products being plant based it is important that a garden centre can offer its customers, many of whom are keen gardeners, a good level of information on the plants that they are buying.

With this in mind CSY Retail Systems, a leading provider of EPoS systems to garden centres and nurseries in the UK, has added an in depth plant library by Joy of Plants to

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Tablets on the sales floor

The retail industry and indeed a number of other industries like hospitality are turning their attention to tablets. The attraction being that they are an affordable and flexible way to provide convenient service to customers and manage back of house tasks.

Right now the tablets are still finding their place. In store they are popping up at till points to save space and are carried around by staff who can quickly assist a customer on the spot and cut queues, in a restaurant they work very well

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