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Bring your convenience store into the future with an EPOS system

Running a convenience store could be compared to running a zoo. You work tirelessly to get your display ready, lots of people come in to the store to see the attractions on offer, and while some leave happy, many can’t see what they wanted, some are put off by the crowds and long queues and other people are unhappy with the price tags. So, how do you meet with the demands of the customer while still fulfilling you own needs and making a profit? Meet your star attraction – the Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system.

An investment in an EPoS system can turn a chaotic retail environment into a smooth running store that manages customers’ demands and operates through best practice business methods on a daily basis. Suddenly it becomes easy to stock what a customer wants to buy, at a price that works for you and them, and also know how long it’ll take you to sell it or when you need to reorder.

This may sound like a luxury afforded only to the successful convenience store giants, but they too owe much of their success to an investment in sophisticated EPoS systems. Bring your store into the future and join them in reaping the benefits of faster processes for serving, ordering and stock taking; additional profit from identifying multiple golden lines; and more customer footfall by providing greater shopping convenience.

Take advantage of these handy features :

Customer focus

  • Promotions
    Run in-store offers on your product range – simply select individual items or link related items for cross promotions; choose the offer type (% off, buy one get one free, 2 for £X) and set the period. You can even advertise your promotions on the back of customer receipts.
  • Self-serve
    Self-service may not be mainstream yet, but why wait when you could be taking advantage of self-check outs like those found in the biggest multiples. Speed up transactions and cut queues buy offering your customers this option for their convenience.
  • Multiple tenders
    Meet with consumers’ needs by accepting cash, card or coupon payments; and by offering cash back and E-top ups.
  • Age check
    Don’t risk losing your licence by serving under age customers. Prompt and assist staff in checking a customer’s age when they are purchasing age-restricted products such as lotto, cigarettes and alcohol. Today’s systems can provide the correct age and date appropriate to the ID of the customer and verify the actual ID, so you’ll always stay on the right side of the law.
  • Theft watch
    Being aware of a theft is the first step to avoiding it happening again. Track what is being stolen by reconciling system recorded stock levels and sales, against actual money in the till and stock on the shelves.

Product focus

  • Stock control
    Manage your stock in real time and accurately view and predict stock levels for multi-locations. Your intake of stock can be electronically controlled by measuring the number of items sold per week, which will determine exactly how much you need for the following week. As a safety net you can also set stock levels and receive alerts you when a product count is too high or low, which means you’ll never be overstocked or worse, out of stock.
  • Product maintenance
    Interrogate your existing products with ease via access to price updates, new lines, current and delisted items, quantity in stock, department, and the vendor you purchased from. Plus add additional products simply by scanning the barcode.
  • Purchase ordering
    Say goodbye to mistakes, waste and extra stock, by taking advantage of automatic purchasing run by your system. Existing stock data that recognises a product’s given vendor, reorder level, and reorder quantity, electronically links to your wholesaler and generates an order for items that have fallen below the set level. By only ordering what you need you can now say hello to more floor space and improved cash flow.
  • Pricing
    Save hours of time through automatic pricing. Your system will work out product pricing with appropriate margin and print the shelf edge or barcoded labels to go with every item.
  • News and magazine sales
    Track the titles you sell by issue. Electronic delivery notes from your news wholesaler enables your system to record every newspaper and magazine by issue number, so you know exactly what has been received, sold or needs to be returned.

Management focus

  • Mobile technology
    Portable, hand held terminals can be provided for on the spot data entry while stocktaking, ordering and receiving goods.
  • Balancing the till
    Great news, you can now balance your till quickly and easily with an EPoS system that records exactly what has been entered into the till and can fix any issues with electronic till rolls and reports.
  • Supplier database
    Access all your suppliers from one central database that holds multiple contact details and information on purchase orders and goods received.
  • Staff access rights
    Control system access levels with secure and individual login in settings for each till, portable handset or PC. Define management, supervisor or sales staff rules, so that only those who are authorised can perform certain functions.
  • Reporting
    Easily view reports on any area of your business, whether that’s promotions, sales, stock, VAT or supplier/customer accounts, with an electronic reporting tool built into your system.

Reap the benefits :

  • Prompter processes
    Dramatically reduce the time it takes to stock check, order and price products, serve customers and more with the of use your EPoS system. A moment saved is a moment you can share elsewhere with staff, customers or even with family at home.
  • More convenience, more footfall
    Making your store environment one of real convenience will keep customers coming back to buy more. Busy shoppers want to pop into your shop and be out again in 5 minutes; with nice open aisles, clearly labelled products and promotions, quick access to tills with prompt service, they can do just that.
  • Bigger profits
    Every electronic process that brings time saving or insight to your business, also impacts on your profit. Whether it’s through intuitive store technology or an easily accessible back office report, the opportunity to grow your convenience store is waiting within the system.
  • Multiple golden lines
    Regular product reviews through quick and easy system reports will see certain items begin to shine and create opportunity for new arrivals. It’s simply a case of recognising slow movers, quick sellers, the most profitable lines and adjusting shelf space accordingly.
  • Future proofing
    An investment in an EPoS system is an investment in the future of your store. Much like the chain store and supermarket giants, you will take advantage of best practice business methods and have access to the most valuable insights to your company.
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