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Archive / July, 2014

Is mobile the high street’s secret weapon?

Rumour has it that mobile could be on the verge of helping the high street to take back the top spot when it comes to preferred retail experiences. Many in the industry are arguing that while mobile is growing fast, with sales doubling in 2013 to £3bn according to Consultancy Capgemini, stores on the high street should embrace the technology and use it to their advantage, rather than panic.

Alan Gabbay, founder of local product finder app Udozi, believes that brick and mortar stores still have

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EPoS has a global footing in the multi-channel era

The adoption of self service and EPoS technology is set to continue to grow across all markets in support of the multi-channel era, according to Global EPOS and Self-Checkout 2014.

New emerging technologies and developments in retail will both support the growth of new solutions and complement them by offering added services such as consumer-actioned product scans, bagging and payment. Businesses are encouraged to seek opportunities for cashless and compact self-checkout formats, modular solutions

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3 steps to making your business multi-channel

It’s all very well having a plan to become a multi-channel business, but do you have a multi-channel business plan?

Retail Week’s ‘Fashion retail 2014’ reports that multi-channel is driving an agenda of innovation across retail organisations and that it is the biggest investment priority for fashion retailers right now. ‘Providing quality multi-channel service’ is the most mentioned challenge the sector faces, with eight out of fifteen retailers interviewed putting it in their top three

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Filling the gap between mobile and knowing what to do with it

Many businesses as they prepare for a mobile future currently have a courting relationship with mobile devices as they work out whether they are a good fit and crucially what to do together.

The practical in-house business benefits of mobile, for stock taking or on the spot ordering for example, are easier to recognise than the advantages that customer facing mobile apps can offer to consumers.

Now the pressure is on for companies to find the right opportunities to fill the gap. Josh Bernoff, research

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Top 5 tech tips for hotels

Hospitality owners looking to meet with customers’ expectations are advised to stay on top of the latest trending technologies that are used when booking or staying in hotels. The top five most recommended are: personal devices, virtual bookings, online travel agency websites, wifi and social media.

In the words of eRevMax, a provider of software solutions to the hospitality industry that delivered an info-graphic on the subject, “As consumers become more sophisticated about technology, they

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