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Archive / January, 2014

Amazon shares ambitious technology news

In a bid to access more customer data and associate itself with physical stores, Amazon.com Inc. has announced plans to move its Kindle tablets in store. The tablets will be used as a type of check-out system at brick-and-mortar retail stores and are expected to be in high streets this summer 2014.

Amazon executives told an internal briefing in the US that the e-retailer would give merchants Kindle tablets and credit-card readers, as well as talks of website development and data analysis. The project

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Self-checkouts linked to thefts in store

While the introduction of self service technology has given retailers freedom to focus their staffs’ attention elsewhere and save money, it is also now linked to theft.

The presence of the electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) checkout itself isn’t encouraging theft, so much as frustration by shoppers who struggle to process their shopping through them, a survey by VoucherCodesPro.co.uk reports.

More than £1.6 billion worth of items are stolen from supermarkets every year, equaling an average of

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Ten retail technology events for 2014

Retailers looking for innovation, advice, and predictions within the retail space can take advantage of a number of retail technology based events that take place throughout the year. Including the Omni-channel Retailing Summit, Retail Business Technology Expo, RetailWeek Live and the Internet Retailing Expo.

Online, mobile, social, kiosk, digital, self-service and customer journey are just some of the topics that are to be explored through conferences, workshops, exhibitions, consultations and

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On trend customer experience technologies

Technology has several focuses within the world of retail, from encouraging product browsing and supporting payments, to aiding staff and streamlining processes. Now the latest shift in focus is to customer benefits.

Already on the mark is House of Fraser, which is about to roll out a queue-busting technology that will reduce the time click-and-collect shoppers wait in store. The retailer will install the virtual queuing system to its entire estate by the end of the year in order to anhance its

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Amazon trys ‘ship before you buy’ shopping method

Big data has opened the doors to predictive shopping and anticipatory shipping for Amazon that will see the company shipping customers’ packages before they even order them.

Following the growing trend of using user data to lead shopping actions, the e-commerce giant was quick to take advantage of this new technology and in doing so has filed a patent last December that uses big data to predict what customers will buy.

Amazon’s ambitious plan to send a customers packages before they have

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