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Why investing in an epos system will benefit your newsagents

If you’re too busy running your newsagents to effectively manage it, you’ll feel in a lot more in control after reading this guide to the features and benefits of EPoS systems.

The local newsagents, is often at the heart of small communities, but what’s the key factor holding up these stores? You, the independent owner, who starts their demanding day at the crack of dawn to make sure customers get their daily papers on time. If you ask us, the Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system is the additional support you need.

It takes a lot of hard work run the wide number of revenue streams that a newsagent has, whether it’s newspapers, sweets, tobacco, groceries or the National Lottery and still make a steady profit. Of course the supermarkets and online news portals aren’t making it any easier for you either, but the EPoS system will by making your business processes more efficient.

How? Save on man-hours by automating your deliveries, orders, stock levels, accounts and promotions. Increase sales by making your vast product range targeted to your customers purchasing habits. Prepare your news rounds in advance and have your papers arrive already marked for delivery. Confidently serve age-restricted products to customers using an ID verification tool.

And that’s just the beginning. Let us tell you more.

Read all about the features :

News specific

  • Automated newspaper maintenance
    Electronically control the management of papers and magazines in store through wholesaler product updates including pricing and invoices, and detailed system reminders regarding unsold copies that need to be returned and credited.
  • Subscription accounts
    Create customer subscriptions to specific titles by adding personal accounts for households, hotels or corporations. Deliveries can fall on set days or specific dates, and payments can be easily managed by digital invoicing with messages sent by text for when an account is overdue.
  • Delivery schedules
    Speed up paper round organisation by ordering publications with pre-prepared round sheets attached to them detailing the street names and specific delivery requirements for each customer, such as ‘leave paper in porch cupboard’. Or, for smaller deliveries create and print labels to be stuck onto each publication detailing the delivery instructions. In addition, your system can flag when a customer is on holiday and whether an item’s delivery should be frozen, redirected or kept in store for collection.
  • Paper stock - deliveries, sales and returns
    Stay on top of your title sales through electronic delivery notes from your news wholesaler. Every newspaper and magazine delivery comes with a complete description including the issue number, so your system can track what has been received, sold or needs to be returned.


  • Non-publication stock
    See exactly what your newsagent sells outside of publications, so you know the right the products to compliment your existing range of products. That means there’s no need for additional stock holding and you get less wastage and extra cash flow.
  • Underage shoppers
    Don’t get caught out and in trouble with the law, by serving lotto and cigarettes to underage customers. Set up alerts for such products that prompt staff to ask for ID and provide the correct age for the given date of birth.
  • Voucher sales
    Take full or part payment of papers through vouchers or pre-paid account cards with an alternate tender setting. Vouchers can be part of a third party offer or you can create your own promotional and gift vouchers.

Management focus

  • Self-balancing till
    Make for a swift exit at the end of the day by letting your EPoS system balance the till and provide a summary report. Itemised sales with full payment, seller and date details are recorded on a electronic till roll, so if there are any discrepancies it won’t take you long to spot and resolve them.
  • Mobile technology
    Speed up manual activities with a portable, hand held terminal that enables you to complete back office duties in a flexible manner. Stand on the lorry, rummage through the warehouse or walk the shelves and enter your stocktaking, delivery or purchasing information as you go.
  • Limit employee access
    So, you want your part-time weekend staff to have less authority than your full-time day staff, but your managers need to be able to do everything? No problem, simply control system access levels with individual or group logins that have been allocated to carry out specific duties.  
  • Reporting
    Which magazine is your best seller and who supplies it? Does one publication sell better on a specific day and are there others available in that category? If you move your magazines to a different shelf, will sales increase? The electronic reporting tool built into your system can answer these questions and more. It stores all of your business data, so that you can easily pull out reports on things like sales, stock, VAT or supplier/customer accounts.

Now for the best bit…the benefits :

  • Know your best sellers and your flops
    Clean up your stock with easy sales reporting that highlights which publications are consistently your top sellers and those that are usually left on the shelves. Now you have room buy more copies or trial new titles.
  • Target your revenue streams
    Get to know your customers’ buying habits of who buys what and when, and you’ll be making targeted purchasing decisions with ease. Follow this with additional category research and you may also find several complimentary items to put on the shelves.
  • Buy to sell
    Avoid wasting time on returning unsold stock. EPoS sales reports can help you to make accurate predictions, so you know that the items you purchase, will actually get sold.
  • No more slow queues
    Automated tills are so quick and simple to use, you can serve your busy customers quickly and then focus your time on more pressing tasks.
  • Prompter processes
    EPoS systems have brought convenience and speed into a newsagent manager’s day now that automated and portable technology has replaced the time consuming manual procedures that once surrounded paper rounds, stocktaking and ordering.

Wait, can I talk to someone who can advise me on the right EPoS system?

Yes of course, our EPoS system providers will help you to select and install the system that’s just right for your store. They are highly experienced in this sector and have dealt with the majority of business scenarios, so there’s no challenge they can’t handle. And, because they are so familiar with retail environments they have already considered all the constraints that you might face and in doing so they have created solutions that are compact, easy to set up and even easier to use. On top of this your EPoS provider will stay in touch with you should you require any additional support or training.

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