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The top 10 features and benefits of epos software

Behind every efficient EPoS system is an innovative piece of software that’s running the whole show.

It controls both the front facing and back office elements, while also talking to the hardware and any external software that may be integrated. Its key purpose is to support your total solution and this solution can be within any sector – retail, hospitality, transport, leisure and so on.

While each sector has specific software technology that has been developed exclusively for a given environment, there are also several common requirements found in the majority of solutions today.

These features and benefits are the most highly effective tools within EPoS systems. Included in the preferred list are: automated procedures that save considerable amounts of time in a working day, integration with self service devices that deliver convenience and flexibility to both customers and businesses, and comprehensive reporting that offers an abundance of insight and empowers highly focused management.

Read more on the features and benefits that are leading the way in EPoS software :

Automated processes

Endless business procedures like stocktake, orders, deliveries and even producing product labels can’t be avoided, but they can be made to be faster, better and cheaper. EPoS software is programmed to take gruelling manual tasks and simplify them with automatic management. So, retailers can print barcodes straight from delivery notes, restaurants are able to count in produce using a mobile data entry device and hotels are reminded when to pay their suppliers.

The benefit :

  • Saves on man hours
  • Speeds up actions, so more can be achieved in a day
  • Produces more accurate results
  • Keeps users informed of up coming tasks
  • Frees up staff so they can focus elsewhere

Margin control

A good EPoS system will work alongside your product pricing to ensure you always maintain margin. The software automatically monitors price adjustments made by the supplier or in house and alerts you to the affect of this change. You can then control the margin using pricing options and a built in calculation tool.

The benefit :

  • Maintains realistic margin on your product line
  • Prevents products being sold at a loss or at trade price
  • Freedom to make on the spot price changes with confidence
  • Easily manages consistent movements in price
  • Works out the value of a product and if it’s performing poorly

Customer loyalty

Enhance customer experience of your brand through a loyalty and marketing programme. Run controlled and targeted activities such as vouchers and discounted offers or one off events that are only available to your best customers. For example, cinemas offer special film preview nights and fashion retailers opt for money off schemes. Whatever you choice of loyalty promotion EPoS software enables you to reach out to your audience to tell them about the special offer by email and text.

The benefit:

  • Builds a strong and loyal customer base
  • Encourages spontaneous purchases
  • Increases footfall and brand awareness
  • Provides an easy way stay in touch with customers

Promotions, cross & up-selling

Manage all promotional activity in one central place. Create campaigns for specific products including grouping products together for cross and up selling. Market these campaigns by printing your own barcoded labels and advertisements. And, finally assist staff by alerting them to promotions with on-screen messaging when they scan a related product.

The benefit :

  • Adds value to customers, encouraging a return footfall
  • Drives sales of complimentary, seasonal, over stocked or due to expire items
  • Improves customer service levels by assisting customers with their buying decisions
  • Ensures staff are fully aware of promotions and maximises their selling potential

ID check

The responsibility not to sell products to underage persons lies with the vendor and its employees. EPoS software helps you to stay within the law by providing a built in ID verifier that will alert staff to ask for proof of age when selling age restricted products. Whether you are in a pub serving alcohol or a store selling lotto and cigarettes, the software can assist staff by scanning, recording and validating the ID and advising of the appropriate age or date of birth to the customer.

The benefit :

  • Avoids illegal selling
  • Authenticates ID
  • Ensures employees check for proof of age
  • Provides evidence that you are up holding the law

Self service elements

EPoS doesn’t have to stay behind the till point. Your EPoS system can integrate with kiosk or mobile services that provide a more flexible way of serving customers. For example, department stores are using in-store product ordering and payment options, supermarkets are using enabling customers to scan their items as they shop and events companies are selling and providing tickets at entrance gates.

The benefit :

  • Reduces queues at the checkouts
  • Creates a stress-free and easy shopping experience
  • Encourage more efficient staff assignment
  • Improves in-store offerings to customers
  • Manages more customers with less staff

Employee management

Control staff levels with an electronic administration tool that holds records of every employee including details on their job assignments, working hours, sickness and holiday requests. In addition, you can take advantage of individual or group logins that control system access levels and stop unauthorised activity such as discounting or wasting of items.

The benefit :

  • Provides added security of operations
  • Automates staff administration duties
  • Effectively tracks staff activity

Multiple Databases

Manage your products, customers and suppliers from one central database that stores your entire history and handles frequent updates. Set up product and category data with pricing, tax, stock, descriptions and images. Follow customer activity by recording credit limits, purchasing and payment periods as well as fees and balances. And, track supplier accounts by name, contact details and related products including stock, pack sizes and barcodes.

The benefit :

  • Automatic updates when linked to suppliers
  • Stores business history in one place
  • Faster access to everyday data

Comprehensive reporting tool

EPoS software absorbs a mass of business data that can later be extracted to deliver insight into a particular area. Finance, tax, sales, product, customer, supplier and staff reports can be set up to run periodically, or actioned on the spot from a remote destination when you need to make fast and accurate decisions. See your best and worst selling products, check sales by cash, card and voucher, or check up on refunds, wastage and staff sickness.

The benefit :

  • Provides information in real time
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses in business strategy
  • Remote access fits around your working day
  • Encourages more effective management

Integrates with hardware and software

EPoS software is purposely developed to work with existing or future hardware and software requirements. Whether it’s front of house touch screens, scanners, printers and payment devices, or back office CRM, CMS and e-commerce websites, EPoS software can be modelled to your needs. It is however a good idea to inform your software provider of the technology that needs to run alongside your software at the start of your discussions.

The benefit :

  • No need to invest in new hardware or software
  • Business procedures and operations continue as per usual
  • No disruption to customer service
  • Future proof for technology added at a later date

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