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EPoS Kiosks

EPoS KioskDemand for fast, convenient purchasing has seen the EPoS industry boom in the last few years and it shows no sign of slowing as customers become more and more acquainted with their robotic friends.

Customers' needs and expectations for fast and convenient service are growing which means a traditional, more slowly-paced service can leave people frustrated, downing goods and walking away empty handed, taking your profits with them.

As we shift to enhancing a customer's experience through automated service, self service solutions are in demand. Retail stores and supermarkets are now leading the way with their embrace of self-service payment kiosks.

With their free standing or wall mounted design, EPoS kiosks fits easily into any in-door spot where they can work alongside staff to improve both profitability and customer experience.

How it works: Empower your customer

How many times have you heard a customer say: “It would be quicker if I did it myself”? Empowering your customers to shop independently with a self service kiosk is the first step to improving your store. Kiosks can both automate services and bring the benefits of Internet shopping in-store, making the sales process faster, simpler and hassle free. They offer:

  • Information on products and complementary items
  • Take payments & arrange collection or home delivery
  • Plus they’ll cut the queues at the checkouts

Change the role of staff

While self service kiosks are managing the majority of everyday customer activities, the reliance on shop floor staff will be typically lowered. As a result staff members are free to focus on more specific, one-to-one customer assistance. The result:

  • Staff offer a more rewarding style of customer service
  • Customers shop with greater satisfaction
  • Staffing commitments are likely to be lowered

Engage customers while they shop

If a customer has to wait a while, then make it worth their while and give them more reason to stay in-store. Self Service Kiosks can be multi-functional so think about alternative uses:

  • Dispense the loyalty cards and reward vouchers
  • Enter store promotions
  • Access to internet

EPoS kiosks offer a great number of transactional services including: payment, ordering, product information and receipt printing; utilising many innovative devices like chip and pin, RFID, bluetooth, web cameras, printers, scanners, wifi and much more. They can be customised to your requirements, accept a wide combination of accessories and can be easily updated.

Features include:

  • 19” anti-vandal touch screen and robust steel body
  • Customised with your brand identity and choice of accessories:
  • Chip & pin, RFID, note and coin acceptor, change giver, card dispenser, receipt printer, keyboard, barcode scanner and more
  • ISO 9001 approved
  • DDA compliant
  • Available as wall or floor standing
  • Award winning EPoS solution

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Please note that the budget required for the purchase and installation of a Full EPoS system starts from £1300 for hardware and software.
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