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Give your tourist attraction a boost with an epos system

Find out how to keep the appeal in your attraction site, for both you and your visitors, with this guide to the features and benefits of EPoS systems.

On a daily basis attraction sites, from museum to heritage, theme to animal park, welcome visits on mass from schools, families, tourists and the like. As a result they can be faced with long queues at entrances, congestion at refreshment and gift shop hot spots, and they need a lot of staff to manage it all. The solution? An EPoS system.

Effective management of admission, retail and hospitality, and back office departments comes easy with an EPoS system. Entry and service points are specifically addressed and perfected with automated technology that can handle tickets, bookings, memberships, as well as gift aid, restaurant and shop operations. In addition, management procedures are expanded with unified website, CRM and reporting tools.

So, if you are looking to increase revenue, optimise processes, centrally mange all departments and improve visitor satisfaction, you’re in the right place.

Take a look at these features :


  • User friendly
    To ensure every attraction whether it’s a theme park or a heritage centre, can operate at a fast-pace, EPoS systems are designed to be very user friendly. Employees of all ages and IT experience can easily process visitor ticket, merchandise or meal sales and keep queues under control with minimal waiting times.
  • Tickets
    The admission systems for attraction EPoS solutions cater for a wide range of ticket and customer types. Automated paper, season card, wrist band and souvenir tickets are generally supported and each ticket type can be sold with banded pricing, so you can produce different ticket prices for children, adults or seniors. The system functionality also includes checking the availability of tickets and printing tickets on demand.
  • Bookings
    Manage future bookings through the EPoS system’s scheduling arm. Bookings are stored by date as well as by the visitor name and number of people in the party. Further details and requirements can also be added if you’re catering for special events such as children's parties or guided tours. For added support any associated booking documents, such as booking confirmations and gift certificates can be produced automatically by the system at the time of booking.
  • Self Service
    To help reduce waiting times for visitors many tourist attractions extend their EPoS system capability to integrate with self service kiosks which act as ticket purchase and collection points. Pre-booked tickets bought via a website or tickets that are paid for using a credit/debit card can be processed and printed without staff assistance.
  • Membership
    Control visitor membership with an electronic register that records all members by photo as well as name. This is a great way to prevent people from sharing their membership cards with their family and friends, as each time a member’s card is scanned the system automatically shows staff a photo of the correct owner. As well as issuing cards the system can also integrate loyalty promotions with the card and handle renewals.

Retail & Hospitality

  • Automated stock control
    Support your gift shops or restaurants with automated stock control that tracks sales and updates stock levels accordingly. Suppliers can also be integrated within the system, so that it can automatically react to low or high product counts by raising purchase orders.
  • Gift-Aid
    Gift-aid donations are often accepted across specific visitor and heritage attraction sites to generate additional revenue. For this reason, automatic processing of gift aid has been introduced to EPoS systems, which enables attractions to record and print off the gift aid donation reports and also provide a donor card for regular visitors.
  • Gift shop
    Attraction EPoS systems have a couple of useful features that help you offer key gift shop services. These include the printing of gift receipts, accepting coupons from marketing incentives and the creation promotional offers on multiple gift purchases.
  • Hospitality manager
    A restaurant table management tool allows you to effectively cater for everyday dining or special functions like a birthday party or school trip. The till system can display the table layout including the status of each table, and take and receive payment for orders through a mobile chip and pin device that relays the information back to the till point.

Back office

  • Multi-channel system
    Today’s attraction EPoS systems are built to handle data received from multiple channels, so that a website, ticket office, loyalty programme and the back office can work together. Such a centrally integrated solution runs in real time, providing accurate sales, stock and event information at any given time.
  • CRM
    Capture and utilise visitor information for your future marketing initiatives. Comprehensive data can be used to effectively target existing customers, both individually or by group, for tailored promotions and rewards such as school outing discounts, special birthday complimentary return tickets, family loyalty cards and seasonal event two for one vouchers.
  • Reports
    A back office reporting tool meets with your business needs by providing you with fast and easy access to a mass of business data. Information on any area of your business, such as sales by department or visitor demographics can be remotely extracted and used to measure daily activities, optimise marketing events or help with future planning.

Think about these benefits :

  • Centralised control
    Using one solution to manage your core revenue streams is far more efficient than working across several systems. Website, ticket, loyalty, retail and hospitality departments sync together and operate in real time as one unit, to give you accurate and final data when you need it. Consolidating also delivers tighter communication through shared access; streamlined group management techniques, and faster results simply from practicing teamwork.
  • Faster operations
    By deploying an EPoS system, automation can run throughout your business to augment processes and save on man-hours. Ticket production, gift shop stock, restaurant covers and planning reports will all take advantage of computerised management to see them operating at their best 24/7.
  • Increased revenue
    Self service ticketing kiosks, gift aid donations, loyalty schemes, retail and hospitality functions can be easily operated by an EPoS system to bring additional revenue to your tourist attraction. What’s more, the part-automated management of these services replaces the need for staff control or assistance, so you can also save on running expenses.
  • Reduced queues
    Finally you can rid your attraction of the unmanageable and long queues that build up at entrance points, gift shop tills and refreshment stalls. EPoS systems and their self service extensions enable you to process more visitors, in less time and with fewer staff.
  • Improved customer satisfaction
    For every successful school trip, fun kid’s party or happy day out with the family that takes pace at your attraction site, your customers walk away with a positive experience. So, take advantage of offering convenient and efficient services like these and more, and as a result your visitors will leave with a smile on their faces and come back again and again.

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