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Personalisation is the next step in omni-channel

Businesses, like shops, hotels and restaurants, are frequently advised by industry players to provide their customers with a seamless and consistent experience across all channels.

As a result, in this omni-channel and customer driven world, such demands are now becoming increasingly familiar from consumers too. For a ‘seamless experience’ is what today’s shoppers now expect and without out it, a business may not last until tomorrow.

By rising to this agenda retailers and the like are rewarded

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Smarter delivery of products to customers

Shopping is set to move a futuristic-step further soon with the idea of spending via your home devices fast becoming a reality.

Thanks to the arrival of the internet-of-things, which is considered a natural evolution of the multi-channel marketplace, the technology that can enable your favourite TV cooking show to talk to your fridge that will then talk to your local supermarket, is ready for action. In fact a global report by Capgemini reveals that in terms of future innovation, shoppers agree

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Retailers act to stop online fraud

Retailers are working together to overcome online fraud in a new coalition known as ‘Trade’.

The fraud and loss prevention tactic hopes to detect fraudulent activity as it happens and speed up subsequent actions by sharing transactional data. QVC and Shop Direct as well as other big retailers are part of the scheme managed by Transactis, consumer insight and anti-fraud specialist.

Notes John Pears, director of credit risk and operations at Shop Direct: “TRADE has been put together with input

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3 steps to making your business multi-channel

It’s all very well having a plan to become a multi-channel business, but do you have a multi-channel business plan?

Retail Week’s ‘Fashion retail 2014’ reports that multi-channel is driving an agenda of innovation across retail organisations and that it is the biggest investment priority for fashion retailers right now. ‘Providing quality multi-channel service’ is the most mentioned challenge the sector faces, with eight out of fifteen retailers interviewed putting it in their top three

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Use live, accurate data to achieve frequent, relevant sales

Right now, stock management systems are said to be having one of the greatest impacts on a customer’s multi-channel experience. Retailers, whose systems do not provide total visibility of stock for consumers, are particularly concerned and seeing consequences further down the line when it comes to meeting expectations of orders, deliveries and returns.

Critical to retailers overcoming this issue is the overhauling of legacy IT systems including EPoS systems. According to Retail Week, 33% of retailers

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