The oldies, but goodies of 2014

DSC_0007Looking back over 2014 there were a few technologies that held their place in the spotlight across the retail and hospitality sectors, proving their worth of investment.


Our oldies, but goodies of 2014 are:

Interactive table
While more of an old school technology, the interactive table is still making a name for itself as retailers and restaurateurs continue to pick up on its promising digital features and benefits.

  • Take Thomson the holiday store for example that won ‘Digital store of the year’ by using interactive tables to bring holidays to life for its customers. Holiday goers could use the tables to explore the world for holiday destinations, search and find hotels and resorts, plus use ‘mood’ images to find inspirational ideas.
  • Adding entertainment to the mix, restaurant chain Pizza Hut trialled interactive tables that not only allowed guests to build and order their pizza, but while they waited they could also play games.
  • On a similar note, Thomas Pink the fashion retailer used interactive tables for its made-to-order shirt service that allowed customers to design their own shirts choosing the fabric, fit, collar and cuff styles, and then when not in use the screens played brand videos and linked to the retailer’s social media pages as well as providing general store information. 

QR code
Its’ been a quieter year fro QR codes compared to some technologies, but recent months has seen retailers taking advantage of this technology for use outside of the store to provide product information and maps.

  • Fashion label, Ralph Lauren used QR codes on advertising media outside Harrods to entice passers-by in store. Potential customers could scan the code with their mobile to receive product information and an in store map.
  • Meanwhile toy store, Toys R Us, placed QR codes outside the store to allow smart phone shoppers to search for products by name and pinpoint their in-aisle location.

Slim-line check out
The touch screen kiosk continues to be developed in store thanks to its self service capability and design flexibility. Most recently these kiosks are being used as space saving, card only payment tools that make transaction times even faster and queues lengths shorter.

  • Tesco is trialling slimline, card only checkouts to help save on space and cut queues in its busy London convenience stores where customers prefer to pay by card.

Digital (E) receipt
The art digital receipt was brought back to our attention this year with complete with added marketing and loyalty services.

  • Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions took ‘Multichannel service of the year’ with its e-receipts programme identifies customers in store, digitises their receipts and then sends them to their online accounts.
  • Retailer Walmart used e-receipts to allow shoppers to store their receipts on their Walmart mobile app and go on to use the information for future shopping lists, while Walmart uses the receipt data to remind customers when to top up on purchases.
  • Argos opted to offer its customers an eReceipt which is emailed to their inbox and allows Argos a route to follow up on the sale by keeping in touch with the consumer through relevant marketing promotions.