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Personalisation is the next step in omni-channel

Businesses, like shops, hotels and restaurants, are frequently advised by industry players to provide their customers with a seamless and consistent experience across all channels.

As a result, in this omni-channel and customer driven world, such demands are now becoming increasingly familiar from consumers too. For a ‘seamless experience’ is what today’s shoppers now expect and without out it, a business may not last until tomorrow.

By rising to this agenda retailers and the like are rewarded

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UK banks question Apple Pay over data concerns

The much-awaited launch of ‘Apple Pay’, the service that could convince consumers to pay with mobile phones, is currently under pressure as the UK’s leading banks question data access, among other terms.

Apple hopes to introduce its iPhone ‘wave and pay’ service, Apple Pay, to the high street in the first half of 2015, however this timing could be effected if current negotiations between Apple and at least one of the biggest banks aren’t cleared up in good time.

The leading cause for

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The marketing power behind digital receipts

Until recently digital receipts have been tied with online purchases for obvious practicalities, but now they are popping up across numerous retail and hospitality outlets.

The thinking behind these e-receipts is three fold: 1 – They are an eco-friendly option. 2 – They are convenient to the tech savvy customer who doesn’t want to carry lots of paper in their wallet and can benefit from a digital record of the transaction. 2 – They are even more convenient to the business owner who

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Disney uses wearable technology to create more magic

The Walt Disney Company has snapped up wearable technology in an effort to improve customer experience.

MagicBand wearable devices that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology are being used to engage further with visitors around parks and resorts.

By wearing the bands visitors are automatically able to enter the Disney parks and hotel rooms, purchase food and gifts, use fast-track services and access Disney photographs via an online account.

Speaking at the Digital Strategy Innovation

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‘Backoff’ our POS systems

Cash registers have been sited as a means to steal financial data in the US. The Homeland Security Department claims that over 1,000 retailers may have been hacked and infected with a software that sits within their cash register computers.

The software is known as ‘Backoff’ and can be removed from the infected computer, so long as it is found. Up until now the software hasn’t been flagged by anti virus programs. The US government are urging retailers and businesses in general to look out

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