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Top 5 technologies to explore today

As retailers and hospitality owners vie to attract and keep a customer’s trade a number of innovative technologies are getting in the mix. The challenge they face is which technology is worth investing in?

The features and benefits of each tool brings with it new opportunity to both business and consumer, but those surrounding improved convenience and service levels are winning the race. There are five technologies in particular that any business, be it a store, hotel or restaurant, would be

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Appy Christmas

On the lead up to Christmas it can be expected that retailers will be pushing out their festive apps in a bid to wish us all a merry and profitable Christmas.

One of the first to launch its app is digital retailer Argos that has launched its 2014 Christmas Gift Finder. The world’s first swipe-to-like shopping web app, which has already been nominated for an industry award.

The Gift Finder takes a mobile approach, allowing all interactions to be made one handed and on the move, using any smart

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World’s first ‘Subconscious Menu’

Pizza Hut Restaurants has created the World’s first ‘Subconscious Menu’ for its restaurants.

Using innovative eye tracker technology by partner Tobii Technology, the pizza chain has built a digital menu that is completed according to where the customer’s eye falls.

The ‘Subconscious Menu’ features images of 20 ingredients most commonly found across all of Pizza Hut Restaurants’ pizzas and in 2.5 seconds it knows which ingredients the customer wants. To do this the menu tracks the ingredients

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Click and collect from your local Post Office with Amazon

Amazon has joined Royal Mail’s Local Collect ‘click and collect’ network, a partnership between the Post Office and Royal Mail, and the largest in the UK.

As part of its PickUp Location Programme Amazon customers now have access to more than 10,500 Post Office branches, taking the total number of Amazon pickup points across the UK to more than 16,000. Customers will benefit by being able to pick up their Amazon goods from the Post Office that is most convenient to them. The flexible service

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The marketing power behind digital receipts

Until recently digital receipts have been tied with online purchases for obvious practicalities, but now they are popping up across numerous retail and hospitality outlets.

The thinking behind these e-receipts is three fold: 1 – They are an eco-friendly option. 2 – They are convenient to the tech savvy customer who doesn’t want to carry lots of paper in their wallet and can benefit from a digital record of the transaction. 2 – They are even more convenient to the business owner who

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