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Top 5 technologies to explore today

As retailers and hospitality owners vie to attract and keep a customer’s trade a number of innovative technologies are getting in the mix. The challenge they face is which technology is worth investing in?

The features and benefits of each tool brings with it new opportunity to both business and consumer, but those surrounding improved convenience and service levels are winning the race. There are five technologies in particular that any business, be it a store, hotel or restaurant, would be

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Shopping environments use technology to support retailers

Regent Street, London, is driving footfall into its local stores using the latest consumer facing technologies. Potential customers will be targeted using a combination of mobile, beacon and app based technology.

Owned by the Crown Estate, Regent Street is one of several shopping environments to use the technologies to boost interaction with local people and tourists to help them plan their visits and discover new brands.

In this case, an app will use beacon technology to send promotions and useful

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Have Beacons grabbed your customers’ attention, yet?

With the rise of mobile technology, comes the re-introduction of location-based marketing aka Beacons. This topical technology, a tool that can pin point where a customer is and talk to them about relevant information, has certainly got both brands and vendors hot under the collar.

A flurry of Beacon-based ideas are now being tested, such as apps that interact with the Beacon, check-in technology used with loyalty points, or multi-brand loyalty schemes. Each has the ability to grab a customer’s

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Shopping centre pushes Beacon marketing

Beacon technology has arrived in shopping centres. The Swan Centre in Eastleigh on the south coast of the UK is the first shopping centre to utilise the new technology.

Retailers within the centre can now recognise customers who have come there to shop, and send targeted adverts and discounts direct to their mobile phones via blue tooth.

TagPoints, the Brighton based start-up company who developed the technology linked its Tag-Beacon to the Centre’s SmartRewards loyalty programme. Along with

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