World’s first ‘Subconscious Menu’

shutterstock_2115141Pizza Hut Restaurants has created the World’s first ‘Subconscious Menu’ for its restaurants.

Using innovative eye tracker technology by partner Tobii Technology, the pizza chain has built a digital menu that is completed according to where the customer’s eye falls.

The ‘Subconscious Menu’ features images of 20 ingredients most commonly found across all of Pizza Hut Restaurants’ pizzas and in 2.5 seconds it knows which ingredients the customer wants. To do this the menu tracks the ingredients that the customer has looked at and for how long, using this information it then uses a powerful algorithm to identify the customer’s perfect pizza from 4896 possible ingredient combinations.

Kathryn Austin, Head of Marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants said, “We love to excite and innovate. This year we’ve redesigned restaurants up and down the country and launched a brand new menu with lots of tasty new options. But we don’t just want to stop there. We wanted to try a few ideas on the traditional menu format and we’re delighted to have developed the world’s first Subconscious Menu, a unique idea with potential to completely reinvent the dining experience.”

The menu is still in the early trial stages, but a spokesman said it could potentially be rolled out across branches.

Mean while rival Domino’s Pizza has been awarded The Best Use of Mobile award at The Econsultancy ‘The Digitals’ Awards 2014. The prize followed the success of its campaign to convert social users into customers. Nick Dutch, Head of Digital at Domino’s Pizza said: “As a brand that embraces all elements of digital, Domino’s is thrilled to be recognised by a community leading the way in modern day marketing. We’re always looking to be ahead of the curve in ways to engage with our audience, so our award for ‘The Best Use of Mobile’ is further validation that we’re making the digital footprint we set out to create.”

Kay Tasker, Group Business Director at Arena Media said: “Domino’s understands the importance of digital to its consumers and has been working to improve the customer experience in this space.  It’s fantastic for us to be recognised by the industry for delivering great work as a collaborative client-agency team where digital is integral to what we do.”