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Top 5 technologies to explore today

As retailers and hospitality owners vie to attract and keep a customer’s trade a number of innovative technologies are getting in the mix. The challenge they face is which technology is worth investing in?

The features and benefits of each tool brings with it new opportunity to both business and consumer, but those surrounding improved convenience and service levels are winning the race. There are five technologies in particular that any business, be it a store, hotel or restaurant, would be

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Virtual and augmented reality shopping hits the high street

Virtual reality (VR), a computer-simulated 3-D environment viewed through a computer screen or wireless glasses, or augmented reality (AR), which uses technology to alter the physical environment by adding sound, images or words to enhance the real-world experience, is on the retail agenda.

Currently the technology has more of an ‘event’ style presence as managers try to see what the value is and how to exploit it, but with development it may well become part of the everyday shopping practice

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