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Is there life yet for QR codes and mobile?

QR codes and mobile devices continue to work in partnership to provide an enhanced shopping experience in store and increased customer interaction.

Department and larger scale stores are finding the technology particularly relevant for their customers as a means to direct them to the many products and brands under their one roof. Fashion label, Ralph Lauren, opted for digital technology to support its new Polo line for women at Harrods, London. Shoppers could use their smart phones to scan QR codes

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QR codes for quick pay

QR (Quick Response) codes are being increasingly pushed as quick and easy payment solutions.

Businesses are able to create multiple codes and add them to bills as well as business cards, websites, point or sale and product labelling.  Customers then scan the QR code using apps that have been downloaded onto their mobile devices, which link to an online payment page set up for the payment in question. Payment is then instant for both parties.

Banks such as Barclays are promoting their own handy

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