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Technology adds a personal touch

Personalised service is today the focus of many hotel providers as a means to tailor a guest’s stay and improve satisfaction. Technology as ever is working alongside businesses to help them to achieve their goals.

Canada’s Delta Hotels and Resorts has launched an app that aims to give its hotel guests a more personalised and local experience.

The app’s guest services include: ordering in-room dining, a before you arrive feature that lets guests to make requests and express check-out with

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Waitrose uses kiosks to capture customer feedback

UK supermarket retailer Waitrose has found kiosks to be a simple tool in capturing live customer feedback, with over 700 customer surveys coming in a week.

As a result its “Little Waitrose” convenience stores will now use interactive touch screens within customer experience kiosks to gather customer feedback.

On route to the payment tills, customers can now quickly complete a four-screen survey to rate their experience in less than 20 seconds. A integrated text analysis tool will decipher

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How to make it personal with technology

Two things seem to be on retailers’ minds these days – personalised shopping and the technology that can deliver it.

There is a balancing act to be had here that must be right in order for the two to successfully work hand in hand. For a business to provide a personalised service it needs to be customer centric while not being overly invasive or equally too self-aware. As technology glistens in the eye of the retailer the challenge is to stay away from the benefit to the business, and to focus

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IKEA trials motivational mirrors in store

In an effort to make its customers have a feel good shopping experience and potentially sell more mirrors and products in general, IKEA is testing interactive mirrors in store.

At the home retailer’s Wembley store customers will be able to experience a compliment as they pass or stop to check their reflection in the motion-sensing mirror.

The idea of the ‘motivational mirror’ is said to provide people with positive reinforcement, with messages that include popular positive sayings like “Suits

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Gardeners to benefit from EPoS

Garden centre retailers continue to recognise the benefits of EPoS systems in helping them to provide sufficient product information.

With many products being plant based it is important that a garden centre can offer its customers, many of whom are keen gardeners, a good level of information on the plants that they are buying.

With this in mind CSY Retail Systems, a leading provider of EPoS systems to garden centres and nurseries in the UK, has added an in depth plant library by Joy of Plants to

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