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What do consumers want from the Internet of Everything?

According to a recent survey by Cisco – ‘customers want a convenient, contextually relevant shopping experience’.

In the fifth annual Cisco® Consulting Services retail survey 1,240 retail consumers in the U.S. and U.K. gave their preferences for Internet of Everything (IoE) enabled retail experiences. Cisco has now highlighted the key points that retailers are encouraged to use to help capture the new digital consumer.

Joseph Bradley, Vice President & Founder IoT / IoE Practice commented

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Smarter delivery of products to customers

Shopping is set to move a futuristic-step further soon with the idea of spending via your home devices fast becoming a reality.

Thanks to the arrival of the internet-of-things, which is considered a natural evolution of the multi-channel marketplace, the technology that can enable your favourite TV cooking show to talk to your fridge that will then talk to your local supermarket, is ready for action. In fact a global report by Capgemini reveals that in terms of future innovation, shoppers agree

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Retail technologies for the millennials

The scenes of futuristic movies are fast becoming a reality in today’s digital world and no more so than in retail.

Tools like 3D printing, robots and wearable technology are getting retailers increasingly excited with visions of providing added convenience to their millennial customers through acquired behavioural understanding.

Take Asos for example which right now is investing in innovative technology companies as is prepares for what it calls the technological revolution of the fashion industry

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The IOT is here – what should retailers do next?

Retailers and consumers are just getting to grips with the pretty recent move toward omni-channel retailing. As a result, the gap is closing between the online and physical world of retail, creating one convenient shopping system. Yet now suddenly the next big thing is here – the Internet of Things’ (IOT) an even more convenient way of life that is offering people the reality of a fully-fledged digital lifestyle for retailers to tap into.

There are more than 10 billion wirelessly connected

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Does shopping as we know it have a future?

Right now we’re seeing physical retailers fighting to save their brands through the launch of online shops and showroom style stores. Yet at the same time, the online retailers are concerned that they need to tap into the traditional bricks and mortar shopping method, just in case it e-retailing isn’t the future.

Meanwhile lurking in the background and slowly taking its form is big data, which could possibly wipe out both shopping habits and turn the whole thing on its head.

Data is increasingly

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