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Wearable technology to boost people MOTs

The potential of wearable technology has recently been recognised by drugstore retailer Lloydspharmacy that is now selling wearable devices in store. The technology will be used as a means to support the customer with their healthcare needs while differentiating the company from its rivals.

Its current devices include a watch and wristband that tracks the users fitness and sleep activity. In addition to the this Lloydspharmacy also plans to create apps that work with the wearable technology to

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QR codes for quick pay

QR (Quick Response) codes are being increasingly pushed as quick and easy payment solutions.

Businesses are able to create multiple codes and add them to bills as well as business cards, websites, point or sale and product labelling.  Customers then scan the QR code using apps that have been downloaded onto their mobile devices, which link to an online payment page set up for the payment in question. Payment is then instant for both parties.

Banks such as Barclays are promoting their own handy

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Do consumers want a cashless society?

The adoption of contactless payment is being hindered by lack of understanding from consumers particular in terms of security risks.

In a survey by Vista Retail Support, a leading independent IT services company, supporting customers in the UK, Europe and North America, more than a third of consumers (38%) are avoiding contactless payment methods.

One reason for the slow adoption is simply down to card holders not recognising which of their bank cards support contactless payment or if they do, they

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The biggest and best advantages gained from EPoS that will improve your business

Electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) systems are increasingly recognised for the advantages they bring to running a business and today many businesses wouldn’t do without one.

Features such as stock control, data building, and reporting are becoming highly desirable among retailers and hospitality owners in particular that are looking to meet with consumer expectation of convenient, faster and tailored services.

The garden retail industry in particular that has until now been slower to adopt EPoS

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Interactive changing rooms – coming soon

A connected changing room concept is to be launched by Microsoft and Accenture.

Currently live in the US, the fitting rooms which detect the products a customer tries on, are soon to hit British retailers.

Brendan Mislin, senior manager at Accenture, told Retail Week that the technology is currently being used exclusively by US department store Kohl’s, and they are keen to get started in the UK. “We’re in talks with some nice, big UK retailers. I can’t name any names yet, and I don’t have

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