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Technology rises in US hospitality

Technology use, mobile in particular, in US restaurants is on the up. Information about a restaurant, viewing menus, reading online reviews, using rewards and special deals, and ordering takeout or delivery are the top usages; this is followed by looking up nutrition information and paying for meals.

Customers’ reasons for not using technology included a preference for dealing with people, not knowing how to use the devices, as well as not trusting the tools to work correctly.

The National Restaurant

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Who’s playing the mobile payments game?

Retail is one of six markets currently competing in the mobile payments game. Financial institutions, Wireless network providers, Mobile payment services, Traditional payment services and Device makers, join Retailers to make up the six players.

According to Appinions Inc. a Manhattan-based startup that provides influence-marketing services, Apple is in the top spot as reported by its Digital Mobile Payments Influence Study. We may well see a mobile wallet from Apple in the next month or so, in

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QR codes for quick pay

QR (Quick Response) codes are being increasingly pushed as quick and easy payment solutions.

Businesses are able to create multiple codes and add them to bills as well as business cards, websites, point or sale and product labelling.  Customers then scan the QR code using apps that have been downloaded onto their mobile devices, which link to an online payment page set up for the payment in question. Payment is then instant for both parties.

Banks such as Barclays are promoting their own handy

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Banks support mobile payments

Several major banks have made promising steps toward the future of mobile payments by supporting Zapp, a mobile payment company. The new payment method is said to replace the need for multiple digital wallets, long card numbers, new passwords and usernames to remember.

HSBC, First direct, Nationwide, Santander and Metro Bank will offer Zapp mobile payments to their customers, which is said to add value to both the consumers and the economy.

Peter Keenan, Chief Executive of Zapp, said, “I am truly

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Are till receipts back on the retailer’s radar

In the wake of new high tech technologies, the humble sale receipt appears to have gone unnoticed recently.

The essential, yet often unwanted item has been described as one of the most powerful tools a retailer has to directly interact with customers. Whether it is provided in store at an EPoS till or sent virtually, it provides retailers with the opportunity to “build a communication channel between the merchant and the buyer”, Dorsey said at the recent NRF conference in New York. Yet retailers

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