The biggest and best advantages gained from EPoS that will improve your business

shutterstock_3019668Electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) systems are increasingly recognised for the advantages they bring to running a business and today many businesses wouldn’t do without one.

Features such as stock control, data building, and reporting are becoming highly desirable among retailers and hospitality owners in particular that are looking to meet with consumer expectation of convenient, faster and tailored services.

The garden retail industry in particular that has until now been slower to adopt EPoS, with just 50% of garden centres having a system installed, is now beginning to invest and see improvements in their businesses as a result. For example, Scotsdales Garden Centres which recently installed a cloud based EPoS system reports: “We needed to update our ageing retail management system and the EPoS cloud based solution allowed us to implement a state-of-the-art retail solution without major capital expenditure. By offering greater flexibility for less cost, it will allow us to make real savings for the customers who respond to our promotions or join our loyalty scheme. Having the back office in the cloud also means everything can be set up more efficiently and effectively. At Scotsdales our customer experience is paramount, and now our back office and EPoS is fast and reliable. There are no interruptions at the till and no queues to slow systems”.

We’ve taken a closer look at the key advantages of EPoS and the areas of business that they touch. You may be surprised just how far the benefits can reach and help you to keep on top of things:

  • Efficient business
    An EPoS system delivers efficiency in multiple ways and works from stock management through to customer service, to give your business the following bonuses:
  • Insightful reporting
  • Tidy digital records instead of paper
  • Faster processes
  • Easier procedures
  • More time
  • Central hub
  • Remote management
  • Streamlined operations

Polhill Garden Centre says: “Reports and import orders that could have taken days or hours, now take minutes. The solution has saved valuable time.”

  • Keeping accurate stock
    With an EPoS system you can maintain one central and highly accurate stock record that can be used to help manage many departments and projects within your business such as:
  • Ordering and purchasing
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Theft watch
  • Wastage
  • Good/bad sellers
  • Pricing
  • Multi-channel
  • Customer service

Bents garden and home says: Our EPoS solution helps us to improve the accuracy of our stock records so that the frequency of out-of-stock items has reduced”.

  • Insightful marketing
    An EPoS system holds a mine of customer insight that you can take advantage of to build highly personalised and targeted marketing campaigns. The following areas will each be improved:
  • Data capture
  • E-commerce
  • Multichannel
  • Loyalty card
  • Bespoke promotions
  • Promotions
  • Upselling
  • Newsletters
  • Text messages
  • QR Codes
  • Receipts
  • Coupons

Hayes Garden World says: “We really make the most of the ability to have an item in multiple promotions at any one time. It helps ensure we keep stock moving whilst offering our customers a great deal”.

  • Aid staff management
    A strong management team can be even stronger with the resource of an EPoS system that can provide your team with the tools they need in order to make good business decisions and manage staff, like:
  • Unique logins
  • Staff timetables
  • Holidays / sick leave record
  • Staff insight
  • Creating promotions
  • Setting reminders
  • Access by department
  • Building objectives
  • Informed management team
    A manager that is taking advantage of an EPoS system can be one step ahead and benefit from added insight to be used in several areas of business:
  • Product trials
  • Product management
  • Selling channels
  • Customer service
  • Staff organisation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Future planning
  • Building revenue

The Old Railway Line Garden Centre says: “We have been believers in the cost savings associated with a good EPoS system including reduced stock holding, accurate reporting, live data and the range and complexity of promotions available. The scale and number of promotions is not limited and having several promotions at one time ensures stock is moving. With promotions being implemented in minutes, you are able to make a decision and have it live within the store instantly.”

  • Preventing theft
    Acting as a second pair of eyes for the retailer, an EPoS will offer the following protection against theft:

  • Secured logins for employees
  • Record of all incoming stock
  • Record of wasted or returned stock
  • Sold items are always scanned
  • Card payments are made through integrated payment processing
  • Ordering of products can be managed accurately
  • Spot checks are simplified
  • Reporting tools
  • Customers’ personal information is secure
  • Integrated with CCTV camera systems

  • Increase business revenue
    EPoS systems provide a single view of business that is a great help when planning for the future and provides access to many improvements:
  • Automated processes
  • Faster operations
  • Less man-hours
  • Custom reports
  • Product management
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Personalised marketing
  • Returning customers

Capital Gardens says: “Our EPoS system has not only saved time but also costs. Having used cash registers previously it was easy to assign the incorrect VAT code, however using an EPOS system ensures all our items are sold on the right code. This along with matching the purchases to the correct codes has provided significant savings with a healthy uplift to our gross margin”.

  • More customer satisfaction
    Happy customers are certainly one advantage that an EPoS system can give a business and they do so by adding:
  • Convenience
  • Queue busting
  • Better service
  • Intuitive offers
  • Mobile shopping
  • Contactless payment
  • Tidy environment
  • More sales

Barton Grange says: Our EPoS system helps us deliver the best customer experience at our destination centre and also saves considerable time on reporting with information available through the touch of a button”.

To get the most out of an EPoS system you need to understand what it can truly do for your business today and how it can help you to plan for the future. Find out more about these advantages by checking out our detailed guides on just how an EPoS system can bring advantage to your business.