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ASOS ups sales using real time data

Fashion e-retailer, ASOS, is using real time pricing software to help boost its revenue. The software is supporting buying and merchandising departments by pulling in data from across the web such as competitor pricing to keep decision makers up to date with industry actions.

Maria Hollins, Retail Director at ASOS, said: “At ASOS, being first for fashion means being always competitive and having just the right assortment. We’re using Editd every day to help us make critical buying and

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Does shopping as we know it have a future?

Right now we’re seeing physical retailers fighting to save their brands through the launch of online shops and showroom style stores. Yet at the same time, the online retailers are concerned that they need to tap into the traditional bricks and mortar shopping method, just in case it e-retailing isn’t the future.

Meanwhile lurking in the background and slowly taking its form is big data, which could possibly wipe out both shopping habits and turn the whole thing on its head.

Data is increasingly

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Amazon trys ‘ship before you buy’ shopping method

Big data has opened the doors to predictive shopping and anticipatory shipping for Amazon that will see the company shipping customers’ packages before they even order them.

Following the growing trend of using user data to lead shopping actions, the e-commerce giant was quick to take advantage of this new technology and in doing so has filed a patent last December that uses big data to predict what customers will buy.

Amazon’s ambitious plan to send a customers packages before they have

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3 steps to harnessing big data in retail

Retailers have increasing amounts of data at their fingertips, but this is nothing without: 1. a clear strategy of what to use and how to use data in order to compete with other retailers and 2. the correct deployment of a model that can extract and deliver the information required.

For retailers to fully exploit data and analytics three mutually supportive capabilities must be adhered to:

1. Choose the right data

Retailers should identify, combine, and manage multiple sources of data. In doing so

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