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Waitrose uses kiosks to capture customer feedback

UK supermarket retailer Waitrose has found kiosks to be a simple tool in capturing live customer feedback, with over 700 customer surveys coming in a week.

As a result its “Little Waitrose” convenience stores will now use interactive touch screens within customer experience kiosks to gather customer feedback.

On route to the payment tills, customers can now quickly complete a four-screen survey to rate their experience in less than 20 seconds. A integrated text analysis tool will decipher

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Top payment technologies for your Christmas list

Fast, convenient and almost effortless ways to pay are topping the list for best payment technologies this year.

The ones to watch as listed in an Innovation Review by Retail Week are those that put the customer in control like self service kiosks and mobile payments. These solutions show that it’s not necessarily a case of creating a brand new innovative technology, but more about bringing further innovation the technologies that already exist and are in use today.

  • Slimline, card only checkouts

To ease the strain on traditional

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Technology, who wants it more?

Right now technology is sitting in the majority of retailers’ priority lists when it comes to meeting with predicted shopper expectations around store design.

In particular, retailers have got their eye on mobile point of sale, as well as queue management and ordering kiosks as a means to provide a choice of multi-channel options and in turn better service. Digital screens to support product information and shelf edge pricing are also seen to be making an impact on customers.

According to Retail

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Mobile vs desktop, laptop and kiosk

Mobile devices are now the main route for browsing online, highlighting now more than ever the decline of the desktop and laptop in this consumer popular past-time.

All is not yet entirely lost however, as sales made by mobile, smart phone and tablet, currently only account for a about a third total sales for e-retailers, but for how long? The latest IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Report shows that the total estimated online spend during May to July was £24.2 billion, with £8.7 billion

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Is multi-channel technology the answer to Sunday Trading?

Right now retailers across the UK are debating the need to relax Sunday Trading Act, and perhaps multi-channel electronic point of sale technology can help them to win their argument.

This is the Act that came into effect in August 1994 that allowed stores over 3,000sq ft to open for six hours only on a Sunday between 10am and 6pm (closing all day on Easter Sunday), while stores under 3,000 sq ft have no restrictions.

The act was introduced to support the opinion that no worker should be forced

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