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Top 10 uses for EPoS Kiosks

As businesses across the retail industry increasingly recognise the omni-channel approach to selling, self-service kiosks are more primed for use than ever before. With the capability to work alongside the digital, m-pos and traditional art of shopping in store, these electronic-point-of-sale tools can offer multiple functions, many of which can be combined into one kiosk.

Increased sales, queue busting, convenient service, cheaper running costs and an alternative to staff assistance are among

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McDonalds push for a digital ecosystem

Following the roll out contactless payments in all of its 1,200 UK stores, reported to be one of the largest of its kind UK, McDonald’s continues to stay up to date and embrace technology deployment.

The fast food chain is now engaging with customers through interactive technologies in its restaurants. Self service kiosks, tablets and 3D printing are all being introduced to meet with the mind set of its tech-savvy customers and ultimately to afford the restaurant further business growth.


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What’s in an omni-channel offering?

As shopping evolves to meet with the digital age, brick and mortar stores and desk-top websites are being complemented and perhaps in time replaced by convenient shopping methods that suit the modern consumer. Retailers speak of an omni-channel offering and uniting services to work together in one seamless purchasing journey. John Lewis a self described omni-channel retailer, defines omni-channel as the seamless experience customers feel when they change between shopping online and in-store. “It

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