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The great evolution of EPoS

Electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) has never experienced as rapid a change as it is seeing now.

Following the start of the omni-channel era, EPoS’ function has developed from a straightforward payments system to one that needs to manage all sales and customer information. For today, it is vital that it can keep up with the changing pace of retail, which is more focused on the customer-centric shopping experience. As a result EPoS is now expected to also handle real-time inventory updates, comprehensive

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Is Argos driving the digital age?

Argos, the household goods retailer, is replacing the traditional with a digital alternative as it focuses on its place in the digital age.

Over all it is investing £300 million to reinvent itself from an old-style catalogue-led to a modern digitally-led business. Part of its plan are small format digital stores, with the first recently opening in London, setting a trend for local, convenience stores that cater for online orders over large format hub stores.

Argos sees convenience of a pickup point

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EPoS has a global footing in the multi-channel era

The adoption of self service and EPoS technology is set to continue to grow across all markets in support of the multi-channel era, according to Global EPOS and Self-Checkout 2014.

New emerging technologies and developments in retail will both support the growth of new solutions and complement them by offering added services such as consumer-actioned product scans, bagging and payment. Businesses are encouraged to seek opportunities for cashless and compact self-checkout formats, modular solutions

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Yesterday’s personalised service with tomorrow’s improved technology

Digital technology has greatly impacted on consumer shopping habits over the past few years making things a little disjointed.

Buying and browsing items either online or by mobile phone and tablet is the convenient and flexible option for many people today to the extent that the actual retail outlet is struggling to establish where it fits in. Some retailers suggest that the store wins out when a customer service is required or the consumer wants to interact with the product first, where as virtual

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Is mobile gluing omni-channel together?

Sales by smart phone and tablet were up 138% in 2013, accounting for about 30% of total online retail sales. As a result expectations for mobile technology are high as both consumers and retailers alike adopt it as a practical shopping tool.

It plays a particularly relevant role within omni-channel retailing that engages the consumer through convenience and loyalty to achieve an enhanced shopping experience. A few technological issues are currently preventing mobile from achieving its full potential

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