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Wearable technology to boost people MOTs

The potential of wearable technology has recently been recognised by drugstore retailer Lloydspharmacy that is now selling wearable devices in store. The technology will be used as a means to support the customer with their healthcare needs while differentiating the company from its rivals.

Its current devices include a watch and wristband that tracks the users fitness and sleep activity. In addition to the this Lloydspharmacy also plans to create apps that work with the wearable technology to

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Service with a smile and an app

Till systems and mobile devices are now working together to personalise and enhance the purchasing experience.

Coffee specialist Harris+Hoole has launched a new mobile app that processes the whole of a customer’s order by interacting with the in shop till and the barista operating it.

Customers using the app load pre-paid cash amounts onto their app account, and then on arrival at the coffee shop they check back into the app and make their order. This order then comes up on the barista’s till

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Shopping centre pushes Beacon marketing

Beacon technology has arrived in shopping centres. The Swan Centre in Eastleigh on the south coast of the UK is the first shopping centre to utilise the new technology.

Retailers within the centre can now recognise customers who have come there to shop, and send targeted adverts and discounts direct to their mobile phones via blue tooth.

TagPoints, the Brighton based start-up company who developed the technology linked its Tag-Beacon to the Centre’s SmartRewards loyalty programme. Along with

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Which intuitive retail technology apps are boosting sales?

By 2016, 75% of the UK population will be using a smartphone, opening the door to even more digital opportunities for both customer and retailer.

With mobile technology, consumers have a 24/7/365 shopping window where they can research, locate and purchase from anywhere. The average mobile user spends 127 minutes per day on apps, Tech Crunch reports which is challenging television viewing figures of 168 minutes. Yet mobile budgets aren’t nearly as high as TV. Why?

Retailers need to be aware that

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Our top 5 retail apps

With retail apps being high on merchants’ agendas, it’s worth knowing which companies have made a big dent in the app market. So, before you reach out to customers with a shopping or payment app, take a look at the following companies who are leading the way for mobile based technologies to see how it’s done best.

Seller: PayPal, an eBay Company

The Pay Pal digital wallet can be used on the go at restaurants, stores, and more. The payment app allows users to pay via their mobile phone

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