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Emerging EPoS technologies in retail

As the benefits of electronic point of sale (EPoS) are more widely recognised by retailers, in turn system developers are increasingly looking to push the boundaries. Supporting technology is becoming highly flexible and driving EPoS forward at such a pace that the definition itself is changing in the retail environment.

According to Retail Week’s Innovation Review 2013 there are twenty key technologies sweeping across the retail space at present such as augmented reality, cloud-based communications

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The three big benefits of EPoS

When it comes down to it, faster actions within business, better customer service and cheaper methods of delivery, are the fundamental factors that all players in the retail industry are looking to achieve.

While each company, may it be a fashion, shoe, charity or grocery store, has specific requirements within this, there are ultimately three big benefits an electronic point of sale (EPoS) system can deliver that fulfil the traders’ core concerns. These are: better efficiency

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3 steps to harnessing big data in retail

Retailers have increasing amounts of data at their fingertips, but this is nothing without: 1. a clear strategy of what to use and how to use data in order to compete with other retailers and 2. the correct deployment of a model that can extract and deliver the information required.

For retailers to fully exploit data and analytics three mutually supportive capabilities must be adhered to:

1. Choose the right data

Retailers should identify, combine, and manage multiple sources of data. In doing so

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Tablet commerce will triple this year

Tablet commerce will triple this year to reach £4.74 billion according to eMarketer. The rise means that it will account for 10.4 per cent of total UK retail e-commerce sales, and by 2017 it will have a quarter share at nearly £18 billion.

Total retail e-commerce sales for this year are predicted to hit £45.40 billion and double–digit growth is expected for several years.

The news also sees m-commerce sales by tablets beating smartphones for the first time by an almost 18 per cent lead. The

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Can retailers keep up with multi-channel shopping?

Multi-channel retailing is putting added pressure on retailer’s supply chains as they struggle to meet demand levels.

As the retail industry accelerates towards the digital revolution of multiple channels and convenience when shopping, the complexity of retailer operations is increasing. Supply chain and logistics are becoming the focus with many retailers undertaking new processes and technology initiatives in order to prevent losing customers by not fulfilling orders.

Sales must be made in a

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