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Which technology should retailers embrace?

There are conflicted views in the retail industry with reports suggesting that retailers aren’t grasping exactly how to utilise technology.

Following a decline in in-store footfall, it appears that brick and mortar retail stores are now taking steps to become showrooms in order to work in harmony with online stores rather than against them. Despite the obvious decline in consumer numbers, figures from the British Retail Consortium show that the fall is in fact slowing. In the first six months

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What’s in an omni-channel offering?

As shopping evolves to meet with the digital age, brick and mortar stores and desk-top websites are being complemented and perhaps in time replaced by convenient shopping methods that suit the modern consumer. Retailers speak of an omni-channel offering and uniting services to work together in one seamless purchasing journey. John Lewis a self described omni-channel retailer, defines omni-channel as the seamless experience customers feel when they change between shopping online and in-store. “It

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