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Clarks now measure your kid’s feet with an iPad

Shoe retailer Clark is trialing an iPad based foot-measuring tool in its children’s department in store.

The complete device consists of a digi-tape and footplate that are used to measure a child’s foot; the iPad then receives the data via an app that creates a customised shoe guide.

The new technology, that replaces the older mechanical foot gauge, is said to make the foot measurement process easier and more interactive, while adding an element of fun to the task. Staff are able to take the

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Monsoon Accessorize to provide true multi-channel shopping

Monsoon Accessorize has launched a new mobile electronic-point-of-sale system with the use of iPads. The solution aims to provide a true multi-channel environment that makes it easy to engage with customers while keeping the transactional process as simple as possible.

Store’ staff use the iPads to show customers the retailer’s extended product range, to locate stock, and to complete a sale on the spot using a wireless Chip and PIN device.

Pete Byrne, Head of IT Monsoon: “We want to ensure

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iPad – A tidy way to do retail POS

Retail and cloud technology have been courting for some time now, and as stores catch on to the mobile phenomenon they afford, we are seeing more and more great examples of innovative point-of-sale (POS). Vend customer Ali McIntosh, of Tessuti luxury gifts and homewares is just that, running her business with handheld, mobile devices powered by the cloud. We found out why she decided to free her store from the constraints of a traditional POS and front counter.

Ali introduced an iPad POS system

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