Clarks now measure your kid’s feet with an iPad

shutterstock_176689802Shoe retailer Clark is trialing an iPad based foot-measuring tool in its children’s department in store.

The complete device consists of a digi-tape and footplate that are used to measure a child’s foot; the iPad then receives the data via an app that creates a customised shoe guide.

The new technology, that replaces the older mechanical foot gauge, is said to make the foot measurement process easier and more interactive, while adding an element of fun to the task. Staff are able to take the measuring tool to the customer, wherever they are in store, and while the iPad is not being used to measure the foot it keeps young customers entertained by playing a brand animation on its screen.

Emma Jefferies, Clark’s UK and Ireland marketing manager explains: “We wanted to bring the gauge into the twenty-first century and keep up with technology. We know that our customers are increasingly digital and that our really young children customers are using iPads at home, so we wanted to bring those experiences together for people when they are in store”.

Although just trailing the technology now, Clarks expect to be rolling it out nationwide by the summer. The iPad’s interactive functionality may also be expanded to allow shoppers to view online products and promote advertising campaigns.

Emma adds: “We do a lot of consumer research ourselves and are always speaking to parents about what they expect, from Clarks overall and from the in store experience. We thought our new iPad foot gauge was one way we could make the experience of buying children’s shoes more fun and exciting. It brings together our expertise and values about children’s shoes, fitting and the product while helping us provide the best possible service. We’re conscious of not introducing technology just for technology’s sake. It’s about something that really adds value and enhances what we do. There are lots of opportunities to use the iPads for other things, such as assisted selling or showing our wider range of products online”.