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Football tickets to fishing permits

With a vast range of electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) hardware and several strong partnerships with solution resellers and software experts, International POS Ltd (IPOS) has been involved in a variety of innovative EPoS projects.

Known for building custom solutions for businesses in the retail and hospitality sector, Frank Whittle, managing director at IPOS who set the company up in 1990, in Lancaster, Lancashire, shares his company’s latest success stories with us. Working with partner ECR Concepts

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IPOS on small space and mobile EPoS

As a key hardware provider, IPOS has the opportunity to work with all manner of businesses – the end client, the solution reseller or the software provider, at any one time. In doing so, it takes a partnership approach that can be relied upon to deliver the right and often custom solution for any environment. This means that one month it might be developing an EPoS system for a retailer with a fashion or convenience store, and the next it may be providing a solution for a hospitality business

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Gardeners to benefit from EPoS

Garden centre retailers continue to recognise the benefits of EPoS systems in helping them to provide sufficient product information.

With many products being plant based it is important that a garden centre can offer its customers, many of whom are keen gardeners, a good level of information on the plants that they are buying.

With this in mind CSY Retail Systems, a leading provider of EPoS systems to garden centres and nurseries in the UK, has added an in depth plant library by Joy of Plants to

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The great evolution of EPoS

Electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) has never experienced as rapid a change as it is seeing now.

Following the start of the omni-channel era, EPoS’ function has developed from a straightforward payments system to one that needs to manage all sales and customer information. For today, it is vital that it can keep up with the changing pace of retail, which is more focused on the customer-centric shopping experience. As a result EPoS is now expected to also handle real-time inventory updates, comprehensive

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Is multi-channel technology the answer to Sunday Trading?

Right now retailers across the UK are debating the need to relax Sunday Trading Act, and perhaps multi-channel electronic point of sale technology can help them to win their argument.

This is the Act that came into effect in August 1994 that allowed stores over 3,000sq ft to open for six hours only on a Sunday between 10am and 6pm (closing all day on Easter Sunday), while stores under 3,000 sq ft have no restrictions.

The act was introduced to support the opinion that no worker should be forced

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