What can an interactive table do for your business?

Image courtesy of M&S multimedia library - Cheshire Oaks

Image courtesy of M&S multimedia library – Cheshire Oaks

Interactive tables aren’t in every customer-facing environment yet, but they are certainly becoming more popular among retail and hospitality businesses that are looking to take a more multi-channel approach.

The tables are typically large touch screens that are wifi connected and they are displayed in busy footfall areas to provide added service to customers. This may simply be a case of product/store information or a form of electronic point of sale through self-service ordering. The majority of interactive table providers will be able to customise a table to meet with a businesses’ requirements, including adding additional peripherals like chip and pin, speakers or microphones. While the advantages of installing such technology in your environment are dependant upon the function of the table, common benefits include: increasing product range and sales, improving customer service and satisfaction levels, reprioritising staff focus and enhancing the environment experience.

If you have a retail store an interactive table could be used in the following ways:

  • Catalogue browsing – Show your full product range in store.
  • Product ordering – Let customers self-order items or customise products.
  • Payments – Reduce queues and speed up transactions by offering built-in chip and pin and contactless payments, or online payment options like pay pal.
  • Store map and information – Offer added customer service and free up staff.
  • Promotions and offers – Share your latest deals with shoppers without the ‘big sell’.
  • Advertising – Run the brand’s latest digital adverts on screen when not in use.
  • Social media links – Interact with customers via Twitter or Facebook.
  • Entertainment – Give your store environment a buzz by playing music videos.

Mean while, in a hospitality environment, like a restaurant, a table may be good for:

  • Greetings – Once seated greet your customers with an on screen welcome message.
  • Menu – Provide instant service by displaying the food and drinks menu on screen.
  • Self-ordering – Speed up service levels by offering table ordering.
  • Food wait alerts – Update customers on their order and waiting times.
  • Bill and payments – Let guests request the bill on screen and offer online or built-in payment options.
  • Social media links – Share your latest news with customers via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Entertainment – Keep guests amused with music videos, games and news feeds.

Thomas Pink is the latest fashion retailer to opt for a digital vibe in store.  A multi purpose interactive table has been installed to follow suit with the luxury shirt maker’s quest to meet with the needs of its customers.

The table, which is in its Heathrow Terminal 2 store, mainly runs Personally Pink, the retailer’s made-to-order shirt service that allows customers to design their own shirts choosing the fabric, fit, collar and cuff styles. When not in use the screen will be connected to the Pink TV channel that plays brand videos and also links to the retailer’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, lookbook and map, store and weather information.

Working with technology partner Red Ant, Thomas Pink’s head of ecommerce Chaten Uberoi said about the project: “We have a long history of delivering the best-quality products with meticulous attention to the needs of our customers. Working with Red Ant to install the latest interactive technology in our new T2 store has allowed us to continue this tradition, with a clear focus on the customer as well as the future of our in-store operations.”