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F.Hinds opts for Cybertill EPoS system

F. Hinds, Britain’s largest independent family jewellers has recently upgraded its in store electronic point of sale (EPoS) system with a Cybertill cloud based solution.

The jeweller will deploy the new EPoS system across its entire estate of 112 stores located in England and Wales.

A key advantage from installing the EPoS system will be the access to having real time stock visibility throughout the business enabling full control across F.Hinds’ online and 190 points of sale in store. “Cybertill

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EPoS unites and grows New Balance athletic store

When New Balance, a leading global athletic products company based in the UK’s Lake District, upgraded to a Cybertill EPoS system it united the business and transformed several key areas.

As a specialist in running and outdoor shoes, New Balance is well located among the picturesque outdoor runs and trails of the area and enjoys much visitor interest to its stores. In fact a high proportion of tourists, who holiday in the Lake District, make up a good portion of the store’s cliental, however

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EPoS gives British Red Cross a full trading picture

When the British Red Cross (BRC) reviewed its retail operation in a bid to benefit from more cost-effective opportunities such as the reclaiming of Gift Aid on donations, it became apparent that the answer was to invest in a new electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) system.

The telephone, fax and electronic till that BRC was currently using could not support the charity with the sales and management information as well as communication levels that it needed to move the business forward. Mike Picken

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Cybertill talks of seamless retail channel management

In 2001, Ian Tomlinson, Founder of Cybertill recognised retailers’ needs for an internet based electronic point of sale (EPOS) solution, as it would help them manage their stores and ecommerce sites collectively. He made the decision to move away from traditional systems and delivered the world’s first cloud based EPOS system.

Adrian Mills, Marketing Manager of four years at Cybertill, tells us just what it’s got going for it and how it’s managed to corner a section of the EPOS market with

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