F.Hinds opts for Cybertill EPoS system

cybertill-logoF. Hinds, Britain’s largest independent family jewellers has recently upgraded its in store electronic point of sale (EPoS) system with a Cybertill cloud based solution.

The jeweller will deploy the new EPoS system across its entire estate of 112 stores located in England and Wales.

A key advantage from installing the EPoS system will be the access to having real time stock visibility throughout the business enabling full control across F.Hinds’ online and 190 points of sale in store. “Cybertill is cloud based and consequently hugely appealing. It will help ensure our branches can view one another’s stock levels in real time so that stores can check and transfer stock minimising missed sales opportunities,” commented Paul Hinds of F. Hinds

The integration took place in time for peak sales at Christmas and also gave the jeweller the ability to deploy mobile points of sale for the busy trading time. “Christmas is such a busy time for us and we wanted to be able to ensure that our customers don’t have to queue. To do this we knew we needed the ability to introduce mobile PoS into our stores as and when required. Cybertill’s cloud based system allows us to do just this.”

“More and more retailers are turning to cloud based retail systems to help them manage their business,” commented Cybertill founder and CEO, Ian Tomlinson. “For successful and growing retailers, like F. Hinds, having a cloud based EPoS system means that it is scalable and can grow with them.”

As part of its sourcing process and before selecting Cybertill, F. Hinds carried out an exhaustive search for a suitable EPoS solution, looking at jewellery specific to tier one systems. “The managed service aspect of Cybertill was also very appealing. As an organisation we don’t have to concern ourselves with data back-ups or software upgrades, we can focus on managing our business not our EPoS system,” added Director Andrew Hinds.

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Source: www.cybertill.co.uk