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Technology, who wants it more?

Right now technology is sitting in the majority of retailers’ priority lists when it comes to meeting with predicted shopper expectations around store design.

In particular, retailers have got their eye on mobile point of sale, as well as queue management and ordering kiosks as a means to provide a choice of multi-channel options and in turn better service. Digital screens to support product information and shelf edge pricing are also seen to be making an impact on customers.

According to Retail

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Retail in 2015 will be mobile, omni-channel & connected

Retailers following the trends of the industry and any yet to get on the technology band wagon should take note that – mobile is here to stay and connected devices are on the up, if the latest report from leading retailer John Lewis is anything to go by.

The rise of the mobile as a shopping method is reported to be John Lewis’ most significant event this year with omni-channel shopping, mobile EPoS and connected devices close by. It also confirms that the store remains as important as ever

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IPOS on small space and mobile EPoS

As a key hardware provider, IPOS has the opportunity to work with all manner of businesses – the end client, the solution reseller or the software provider, at any one time. In doing so, it takes a partnership approach that can be relied upon to deliver the right and often custom solution for any environment. This means that one month it might be developing an EPoS system for a retailer with a fashion or convenience store, and the next it may be providing a solution for a hospitality business

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The great evolution of EPoS

Electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) has never experienced as rapid a change as it is seeing now.

Following the start of the omni-channel era, EPoS’ function has developed from a straightforward payments system to one that needs to manage all sales and customer information. For today, it is vital that it can keep up with the changing pace of retail, which is more focused on the customer-centric shopping experience. As a result EPoS is now expected to also handle real-time inventory updates, comprehensive

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Mobile vs desktop, laptop and kiosk

Mobile devices are now the main route for browsing online, highlighting now more than ever the decline of the desktop and laptop in this consumer popular past-time.

All is not yet entirely lost however, as sales made by mobile, smart phone and tablet, currently only account for a about a third total sales for e-retailers, but for how long? The latest IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Report shows that the total estimated online spend during May to July was £24.2 billion, with £8.7 billion

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